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Tokyo Revengers Yamagishi (Sep 2021) Know The Character!

Please peruse this account to learn about Tokyo Revengers Yamagishi, a character of the Tokyo Revengers manga series, and how he is different from his peers.

Are you a regular reader of various manga series? Do the characters thrill you? Have you watched the anime version of Tokyo Revengers, or are you a fan of its published version? If yes, then this article will interest you all the more.

In this write-up, we have talked about Tokyo Revengers Yamagishi in detail, a character from the popular manga series of Tokyo Revengers. Readers and viewers Worldwide are keen to learn the facts about this character, who is different from his group. 

What is Tokyo Revengers?

Tokyo Revengers is a famous manga series that started in March 2017.  Its writer is Ken Wakui and has been published in the Weekly Shonen Magazine since its inception. In April 2021, an animated television series began, based on manga episodes. It is continued to be broadcast on various Japanese TV networks. These are directed by Koichi Hatsumi. Please continue reading to know about Tokyo Revengers Yamagishi.

This manga belongs to the categories of thriller, action, and science fiction. According to the latest survey, more than 35 million copies of this manga are sold. On account of its growing popularity, it was honored with the Kodansha Manga Award in 2020.

The story of Tokyo Revengers revolves around a character called Takemichi Hanagaki, whose brother and beloved were assassinated by a group of ruffians known as the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi has a special ability to time-travel to twelve years in the past and uses this technique to save his lover’s life.

Who is Tokyo Revengers Yamagishi?

Kazushi Yamagishi is one of the members of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He first appeared in the series in Chapter One.  At present, his age is 25, and when the story turns to the past, he becomes a 13-year-old student. Yamagishi wears a school uniform with glasses. He has hair of chestnut brown color that he ties at the back with bangs. Although from appearance, he looks shabby and careless, he is the opposite in reality. He is good at grasping new subjects that he finds fascinating. 

How is Tokyo Revengers Yamagishi Different from a Gangster?

We link the word gangster with someone very violent, ruthless, and sadistic. However, the characteristics of Yamagishi are poles apart from those in the Tokyo Manji Gang. He rather opposes conflicts, which is surprising, as he is a part of the killer gang in this series. He is faithful to his friends and always supports them in need. 

He is more interested in acquiring information about the occurrences of his gang and others as well. He knows each member in the criminal world by heart and can describe them entirely. For being so well informed about these matters, he is called the Delinquent Encyclopedia. 


Tokyo Revengers Yamagishi respects Takemichi, and his house is Yamagishi’s most-liked site. He is an ideal character to exemplify that virtues come first and that violence must be disliked. Although about crime, his urge to learn can be an inspiration to the readers. You can find more facts about Kazushi Yamagishi , including his skills and nature. 

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