Top 9 Places to Visit in Tasmania, Australia

The Best Top 9 Places to Visit in Tasmania

Top 9 Places to Visit in Tasmania: Wondering where you should visit on your trip to Tasmania, Australia’s island state? You will be happy to know that the list is quite lengthy, and there are several places to explore and make the most of your visit.

Tasmania, the southernmost state of Australia, has a very captivating panorama. The lakes, mountains, and coastal scenery are the major attractions of the land. The real essence of this place lies in its powder-white beaches and delectable seafood accompanied by wines. 

Tourist Attractions in Tasmania

Tasmania offers beach hopping, countryside visits, piquant delicacies, and hiking experiences. The pleasant views of the wee hours attract many. In Tasmania, you will take your sweet time admiring the land’s tranquility.

Tasmania has a diverse range of places to visit. It praises all exciting areas, from national parks to the west coast wilderness. You’ll find a summary of all the places in Tasmania that pique your interest in this list.

The Capital, Hobart

Besides being the capital city, Hobart offers some fascinating sightseeing. The place houses the world-famous market, Salamanca. The vibrancy and urbanism of this place are a breath of fresh air in between the otherwise rural experiences. 

You can visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden or the magnificent Old and New Art Museum. Hike Mount Wellington to see the beauty and serenity of Hobart from the height.

City of Launceston 

The next city of Tasmania is an epicure’s utopia. Be it the fine vineyards around the Tamar Valley wine region, Armalong Winery Chalets in Rosevears, or a cruise ride along Cataract Gorge, your stay in Launceston is worth the hype. 

The unexpected weather in Launceston, on the other hand, can make your trip difficult. Too much sun or rain can ruin your visit here. The best time to visit the vineyards is when it is partly sunny. Before visiting this city, I recommend that you check the weather in Launceston online.

Wildlife in Bruny Island

To explore Bruny Island, you will have to take a boat. You can then experience the serenity of this location from a completely different leaf. Dolphins and whales are common sightings here. You can, however, rent a car. On your road trip, stop by the Truganini lookout.

Mount Field National Park

One of Tasmania’s most popular attractions is Russell Falls, located in Mount Field National Park. You can get here by taking a short ride from Hobart. You should visit the place after it’s dark to experience the mesmerizing sights of glow worms everywhere on the trees.

Remote Places of Strahan 

Strahan is known for its sand dunes and least explored beaches. The place has a typical Tasmanian vibe to it. You can either opt for a luxurious train journey or a boat cruise down the Gordon River. The lush rainforest experience amidst your cruise journey will be a soulful trajectory for the years to come. 

Scuba Dive in Bicheno

What could be a more exciting adventure than a scuba dive in Australia’s best diving spots? If you like to go on adventures, Bicheno is a must-see. It is a small village with a small number of indigenous people.

On the other hand, Diamond Island is a rocky outcropping in Bicheno. This location can only be reached via a thin sandbar. Check the weather before going scuba diving at this location. If it’s raining, you’re unlikely to get permission.

Lake St. Clair

Lake St. Clair, where mother nature helps you escape from life’s stresses, is a must-see if you visit Tasmania. Boating, kayaking, and hiking are all available here. The Overland Track, which runs alongside Lake St. Clair, is a world-renowned hiking trail. Explore Tasmania’s wild places first, and then come here for the ultimate treat.

Cradle Mountain National Park 

Isn’t the name itself intriguing? It’s no surprise that you’ll be even more stunned exploring this location. Cradle Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage site, attracts visitors from all over the world. Do you enjoy going on long hikes? If so, this is the place for you. Simply pack your backpacks and embark on the journey to summit this mountain.

The Famous Bay of Firesṣ

On the east coast of Tasmania, the Bay of Fires is known for its orange rocks down the seashore. The sight here is very unusual owing to some unique colored entities that can be noticed from a long distance. If you are looking for some epic places to click great pictures, the Bay of Fires is your destination.

What do you enjoy more, a countryside visit or diving into some adventure? Plan your trip focusing on Launceston, Bruny island, Lake St. Clair, and the Bay of Fires if you admire the natural beauty.

However, if your interest lies in trekking and exploring, consider Bicheno, Strahan, and Cradle mountain. I hope you have the best time in Tasmania. 

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