Total Comfort Similac 2022 {Feb} FDA Warns Not To Use It

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The following research on Total Comfort Similac 2022 will guide the harmful effects of the similac products in infants.

Do you give your baby nutrients from external sources? If yes, this article will open your eyes surely. Similac is a trendy brand in the United States and globally. People have been using their products for a long time. But, do you know how harmful they could be for your kid.

Total Comfort Similac 2022 will help you know the truth of such protein given to infants. How dangerous it could be for the health and life of your baby. So, please read this article till the end.

What is Similac Total Comfort?

Similac is a renowned brand that offers baby milk powders, proteins that contain the properties of a mother’s milk. Total Comfort is one of their products that provides essential nutrients required by the infant’s body. It has RHA and DHA that helps in the proper development and functioning of the brain and eye. It is a protein-based formula given to infants.

Update on Total Comfort Similac 2022

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration found that the external nutrients made by Abbott company for the infants are very risky for the infant’s life. This is approved after four infants were diagnosed with severe life-threatening bacteria, Cronobacter and Salmonella. It had taken the life of one infant while others were in serious condition. Cronobacter is the primary source of infections like meningitis and sepsis. The symptoms of these bacteria include jaundice, irritability, temperature changes in the infants. 

The incidents were reported from three different places: Ohio, Minnesota, and Texas. As per the reports on Total Comfort Similac 2022, all the infants are in a critical situation after using the product.

The decision of the concerned authorities

After the cases from different states were reported, immediate action was taken by the concerned authorities, FDA. They decided to recall the brand and the products, which include Similac, EleCare, and Alimentum. They took this decision on February 17, 2022, Thursday. They also decided to take actions where these formulas were invented in Michigan, Sturgis. Although, it was not done intentionally by Abbott’s team. But, the consequences are in front of the public. Anyone should not use these toxic nutrients. 

According to Total Comfort Similac 2022, the FDA department continuously advises the public and consumers to avoid giving these supplements to their infants. As per the reports, all these products are recalled, and they would be banned from all the stores.


Wrapping up our content, our research team found that some of the similac products are harmful to the health and life of infants. Parents must not give the nutrients to their kids. Although, the products have been recalled by the concerned authorities. We advise you to boycott the use of all such supplements. Please check the following link to know more about Similac Products.  

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