Website Reviews Reviews {August} Spot The Scam Points Reviews {August} Spot The Scam Points -> This article is delivering and information on a website that claims to sell fashion clothes.

Are you interested in buying fashion shoes and clothing? Then read this review till the end for getting help in your right website search because it is a well-researched article protecting you from fraudulent doer online-fashion store.

This website has displayed its several varieties of designer products on Web Pages like Slipper & High Heeled Sandals, T-Shirts, Women Dresses, Coats, Jackets, and Skirts, etc. The Web Pages have been created in a very stylish way. So that online buyers would be attract shopping from this website. Reviews will clear the doubts of this website, either it is legit or scam.

This website is incorporated in the United States and registered for one year. The domain name of the site has been using only from nine days back. This website may be unsafe for online buyers. The online buyers should be cautious while buying these trendy items through site. 

What is website? 

This website is an online shopping store and trading varieties of fashionable Shoes, Sandals, slippers, and Women’s Clothes at a reasonable price worldwide. Every product is useful and known as a designer product among online buyers but Reviews are not verified online the same. The website creator has promised delivery of products timely with free shipping facility.  

The return & exchange policies have applied to every product, but the products should be in the original packet and without tampering in anyways. The website creator has promised delivery of products timely with free shipping facility. The return & exchange policies will apply to every product, but the products should be in the original condition and without tampering of the wrapper.  

Specification of website

  1. Type of website: online shopping center
  2. Shipping Charges: Free
  3. Delivery Time: not mentioned
  4. Exchange Time: 20 days
  5. Return Time: 20 days
  6. Contact Details: Not Available 
  7. Email Address: 
  8. Payment Methods: Credit Card, Visa and Master Card

Pro of website 

  • The products are fashionable and recognized under designer products.
  • The website pages are created nicely with relevant information about the products.
  • They have facilitated receiving the payment more than one medium.

Cons of website

  • This website is very new and doubts trust.
  • The identity of the owner has been put out of sight.
  • Contact details, including phone number & address, are mentioned.
  • The website setup is detected in the four countries.  
  • Customer reviews and online feedbacks are absent. 

Is website legit?

Despite the best design of products, prices, and promises of timely delivery and free shipping, you should not trust this website for online shopping because the age of the website will affects the result. Is is an attractive website, and website creator has mentioned the links of social media, but it has not been verified through online research.   

Usually, new website creators use beautiful images from another popular website and copy-paste the maximum data of the site for the perception of generating good business. This process is done only to confuse the online-buyers, but you should be more conscious before buying anything through the new website. 

We are writing this article after online research about Reviews and suggesting to the online buyers to ignore this newly created website. It may be a fraudulent website and harmful for online shopping because it has not found a legit site on other trusted online network.

What are the customer’s sayings about website?

This is surprising that the website creator has mentioned social media like on the web pages, but it has been failed in online verification. Therefore, we could not found any feedback from the customers.

Final verdict 

This is an exceptionally new website, and there is not much information available for checking its trustworthiness. We cannot advise online buyers for shopping. We have verified various loopholes about this website for the decline the online shopping. Even there is no existence of the single online customer. It is a sign of a suspicious site. The Reviews are a result of several trusted website checking, and it is for the awareness about the scam and new online shopping center.  

As per the entire reviews and research, we are sure about avoiding this website for shopping. The web pages have mentioned many promises, but it has been noticed during the online research that it is not a legit website. Therefore, we cannot recommend this website for shopping. It would be better to keep your money safe and avoid sharing your personal and banking details with this website creator.

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