tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews [May] Should Anyone Order?

tp360 Pro Flashlight Reviews 2020

tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews [May] Should Anyone Order? -> In this review post, we will be providing you with the specifications, benefits, and customer remarks of one of the best tactical flashlights.

Do you want that extra protection in case of emergencies? Are you looking for a better self-defence tool to protect you and your loved ones? If yes, then the solution is tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight.

As we all know, the light illuminates the dark; similarly, flashlights are a perfect tool in offering the same. A Tactical Flashlight is sharper & brighter than the standard torch, and the brightness that it provides has its benefits. For example, if you come across any danger or threat, then you can use this tactical flashlight to distract its view.

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Let us know more about it under this tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews post. Kindly read the full post to have a complete understanding of this bright light. Thanks for giving us your time!

What is tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight?

tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight is one of the most popular tactical flashlights that is getting likes by countless people. It is gaining popularity due to the numerous advantages attached to it and is one of the best self-defence tools.

Currently, it is the most demanded in the market due to its “9000-lumen strobe mode”. It makes the users throw an immense perplexing strobe light into the eyes of the attacker and hence leaving him stunned and confused.

It finds its usage in all the situations. Whether you are moving alone at night or need light to dissuade animals during your camping activity, the tactical flashlights are required every time.

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Specifications of tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight

tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight comes with numerous features that can be listed as follows:

  • Water Proof: It is waterproof and that too to IP65 standard.
  • Durable: It is very much durable & sturdy in its composition. The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy is used in its manufacturing.
  • Powered by Cree LED: It is powered by Cree LED, the most powerful unique LED in the market. It is American made and has 9000 Lumen output.
  • Continuous Brightness: It offers continuous & constant brightness due to the availability of the digitally regulated output.
  • Heat Protection: It comes with overheat protection to avoid the high temperature of the surface.
  • Provides Effective Grip: It has slip-resistant and anti-roll body design for compelling gripping.
  • Zoom in-out: It offers 1X-2000X telescoping focus for efficient zoom in-out facility.
  • Tactical Tail Switch: It comes with a tactical tail switch with remote memory-on and continuous on function.
  • Dimensions: 5.09 IN X 1.90
  • Power Source: 3 (AAA)

Target Audience

tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight is used for their self-defence by the citizens. But, it is also used by various Search & Rescue professionals, Security Guards, Armed Forces, Firemen, Policemen, Military Forces, and many more.

What makes it different from other tactical flashlights?

The following special features make it exclusive & different from other tactical flashlights:

  • Brightness: 32X brighter than the average flashlight
  • Modes Available: There are five modes available – High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS.
  • Battery Availability: It comes with 3 XAAA batteries / 1X Li-ion rechargeable battery.
  • Distance Covered: Up to three nautical miles.

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Why should you purchase it?

After mentioning about its specifications and unique features in this tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews post, we have discovered various advantages of tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight. Those can be enlisted as follows:

  • It is highly durable and sturdy in its design.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It is compact & light in weight.
  • It is slip-resistant and provides effective gripping. Its anti-roll body design makes it free from slipping.
  • It offers 32 times more bright light than the standard flashlight.
  • It comes with three AAA batteries and one rechargeable battery.
  • Its great telescoping focus provides a capable zoom in-out facility.
  • It comes with an intense beam that covers the largest of the distance.

What are the customers saying about it?

From the other tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews, we have found that people who have used it are speaking positively and profoundly of it.

  • D. Williams: He said that this light is fantastic. It works well than the standard flashlights. Thumbs Up!
  • John S.: He stated that he loves this tactical flashlight. It is a useful self-defence tool. He has purchased it for the whole family.
  • Mary K.: She believes that its functioning is excellent as compared to other bright lights. It pierces even in the darkest of the darks. Recommended!
  • Oliver: He said that its distance coverage is outstanding. It offers better light than other brands. Great!

tp360 Pro Flashlight Review

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Benefitting those in need

Tp360 is helping all those who are in need by giving dollar 1, 00,000 in aid to relief. They are thankful and profoundly grateful to the following organizations & departments that make it happen:

  • Alaska Divers Marine Life Rescue
  • GO Camping Australia
  • Fire Service School the US

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tp360 Pro Flashlight Where to Buy


To recapitulate this tp360 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews post, we can say that this tactical flashlight is working like magic. People who have used it are very much pleased with its specifications, unique features, benefits and uses. They are recommending this bright light.

Whether you need to navigate at night or have to walk down with your dog – whatever be the situation, it is one of the best flashlights to use. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

So, what are you waiting? Just activate your 50% discount today else you will have to pay the high price! This offer is for limited period!

We will be glad if you will share your experience with us.


  1. Hello, I purchased your tp360 pro tacticle flashlight on May. 11th 2020. My product receipt is, (DICS) {B1} PL-0095-0- TP360 Pro Flashlight. I have not received a confirmation number from you as of yet, May, 18th 2020. Please advise as soon as you receive this request as I certainly appreciate your promptness.

    Best Regards,
    Eddie E Herndon

  2. I would like to know about the maintenance of this bright flash light:

    1) How long to the 3 AAA batteries last on the average?
    2) How do you charge and how often, the Li-ion rechargeable battery?
    3) How long does the Li-ion rechargeable battery last, and are they accessible for new replacement?
    4) How long does the Cree Led last, and are they accessible for new replacement?

    If you can answer those questions well for me, I would gladly pay more money for this great flash light. 🙂

    Thank You.

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