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The Tradingview Study Error is about the common situation people face when scripting tradingview, read further to know how to fix it.

Are you a professional investor and have programming experience as well? Do you know a platform where the world can chart, chat, and trade?

 Have you heard of Tradingview earlier? It is a kind of social networking where you have the tremendous possibility to relate and learn from users across the world. 

Also, people across the United States find this an opportunistic platform to learn about the markets. Today through this post, we will see the Tradingview Study Error and how to deal with it.

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What is Tradingview?

Tradingview is both charting and a social networking platform that many traders and investors use to learn and spot opportunities. It features a varied screening criterion, mobile app, the association of the custom scripts, and many other things.

In addition, it provides impressive research and educational tools with live streams that help to learn and hone the skills. Tradingview also provides real-time market data which you can apply to make a perfect decision. You can start here once you create a free account.

What is a Tradingview Study Error?

When the Tradingview indicator feature is programmed, certain scripts need to be defined in the code. We take the help of the study() function for doing that. 

It reduces manual errors while configuring the script and saves time for clicking. But there are certain situations when you choose the wrong function or use it more than once. In such situations, study error occurs.

How to fix the Study error?

As we have seen above, the causes of errors in the Tradingview. Let us see how to fix them one by one with an example.

  • Fixing the multiple Tradingview Study Error:
  • Let us take a code snippet to understand.
  • //@version=3
  • study(title=”Error example”, overlay=true)
  • study(title=”My script”, precision=1)
  • Here, we can easily see that two study() function calls are running. So, to fix this merge the two study(), let us see how:
  • study(title=”My script”, overlay=true, precision=1)
  • Fixing the error where the script must have a study functional call:

Let us understand this error by taking an example:

  • study(title=”Error example”, overlay=true)
  • strategy(title=”Example script”, overlay=false

Here, you have to analyze what your output code requires? In case if it is a trading strategy, you need to remove Tradingview Study Error by deleting the other functional call, like:

  • strategy(title=”Example script”, overlay=false)

However, if you need an indicator script, then you have to remove, that is, strategy() function, and use only study() like this:

  • study(title=”Error example”, overlay=true)

This way, we can easily deal with the errors related to the study () call and run the script. Let us tell you that Tradingview provides an excellent 50+ charting tool with 30M+ investors and traders across global markets.


We have seen the basic overview of Tradingview. Also, we have seen what Tradingview Study Error is and in what scenario the error occurs, and how to deal with it. You can explore the Tradingview platform here  

What else are you waiting for to teach you? Tell us in the comment section if you want more on it.

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