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Traveling Merchant Pet Simulator X Time {March} Buy Pet

Gaming Tips Traveling Merchant Pet Simulator X Time

Traveling Merchant Pet Simulator X Time has details on merchants selling pets to Pet Simulator X players on the Roblox gaming platform.

Do you like collecting virtual pets of different types and are waiting for a glitch update to know about pets on sale? The Roblox gamers in the Philippines, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and the United States play Pet Simulator X to get a pet of their choice.

It has a massive collection of pets, and a merchant will come to your door to sell the Pet for a stipulated time. Its new update with a new set of animals can be known by reading Traveling Merchant Pet Simulator X Time till the end.

About Pet Simulator X Game

Pet Simulator is a game on the Roblox platform which allows developers and customers to come on its portal to develop and play new games. 

Pet Simulator is famous among players as a game that allows them to have a pet of different kinds.

It allows players to collect coins and diamonds, which they can use to buy eggs. These eggs can develop into cute animals or dangerous monsters that are difficult to control.

 Players can purchase these pets from coins and diamonds, but some animals need a wallet full of diamonds, and for that, more diamonds are needed.

Traveling Merchant Pet Simulator X Time:

The other way of getting pets is buying them from a traveling merchant who arrives at his own time. 

Traveling merchants sell a rare variation of animals, and their arrival time is unknown to anyone. 

Therefore players will have to be alert during the game period in case they want to buy the animal from him.

Facts about traveling merchant:

  • Traveling merchants will appear unpredictably at any time of the day.
  • Though his timing is unknown, players can find him at the same place on the map.
  • Only three pets can be purchased from the merchant at one time.
  • Traveling Merchant Pet Simulator X Time sells mostly animals of rare variation like rainbow type, which cannot be found elsewhere.
  • Players can find merchants at shop areas marked on the map at a particular time of the day.

What Pet can the Player buy from a Traveling Merchant?

In the Pet Simulator X game player has to buy an egg by spending coins and diamonds and hatch the egg into animals. 

The above hatching process does not allow the player to get an animal of their choice. 

When buying a pet from the merchant, players can purchase an animal of their choice by spending a given amount of diamond. 

Traveling Merchant Pet Simulator X Time has given a list of animals and their price, which can be purchased from the merchant.

  • Rudolf – 8.96 m diamonds
  • Silver stag – 6.8m diamonds
  • Silver Dragon – 7.47m diamonds
  • Galaxy fox- 7.63m diamonds
  • Blue Fluffy – 6.06m diamonds
  • Santa Paws – 8.93m diamonds

These pets keep changing at the merchant shop, so players should remain updated.


Traveling merchants are beneficial for Pet simulator Roblox   as it allows them to have a Pet of choice. In another case of hatching, the egg player has no clue about the animal they may get.

So the player can wait for the merchant to have their Pet and share their experience with the Traveling Merchant Pet Simulator X Time comment section.   

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