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This article will tell you details about Travis Kalanick Mother Accident and the Super Pumped series related to him. Read and know in detail.

A new series called Super Pumped has a story about Travis Kalanick’s story about his startup. Travis is from the United States and is a co-founder of Uber. There have been a lot of ups and downs. The series has various aspects of the Uber startup, Travis Kalanick Mother Accident, and others. 

We will discuss the Super Pumped series, which is available online. The storyline is all about the waves in the story of the Uber business. So stay tuned till the end to find out all information about the same. 

Who is Travis Kalanick? 

Travis is a former CEO and the co-founder of Uber. He was also the co-founder of the Red Swoosh. He is a 45 years old transformational leader who resigned from Uber in 2017. Later in 2018, he started 10100, a startup company that helped investors to do investments in various e-commerce businesses.  Its proved a great thought.

Travis Kalanick Mother Accident   

In the year 2017, Travis’s mom died in a boat accident. His mom and dad were sailing on a boat in California. His mom, Bonnie, died of several severe injuries, while his dad had significant injuries. In a report by police, it was seen that they were sailing somewhere in Flat Pine Lake, and a rock hit their boat. The whole incident was an uncalled tragedy, and it affected Travis’s life. Keep reading below to know details in deep.

About Super Pumped

Super Pumped is a series about Travis’s Uber Journey’s ups and downs. Travis Kalanick Mother Accident bought a serious turn to the journey. He started Uber in 2009, and it was a high rise in the market. He first developed an app called UberCab, and it was an accessible bridge between the passengers and the taxis that helped each. Easy payment through phone, and easy accessibility via phones made it easier for taxi drivers and passengers to go through the journey or their conveniences. 

Reviews on Super Pumped

People have a lot to say about the newly released series Super Pumped, the story from a co-founder’s perspective. Travis Kalanick Mother Accident is also recalled in the story when he lost a part of his life. People have mixed feelings concerning Travis’s journey. Some praise him while others are still talking about the problems Uber faces in Travis’s hand. You can click this link to find what latest is happening in his life.  


Travis Kalanick has a story that features drama in each aspect. Super Pumped gives each of us an experience to understand the story of Uber from Travis’s perspective. Right from 2009 to 2017, he had worked for Uber. 

We have spoken about the Super Pumped series, Travis Kalanick Mother Accident, and many other things in this following article. 

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