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Trime Wordle (July 2022) More About The Puzzle Game!

Read the Trime Wordle article for yesterday’s Wordle 396 puzzle hints and Answers. Get informative about Wordle and its gameplay.

Happy morning to all the wordle lovers. Are you trying to solve yesterday’s puzzle, Wordle 396? Are you struggling to find out the correct guess for your puzzle? Then, we are here to find a solution to the problem. Read the below-written article for hints.

Wordle has earned an enormous fanbase Worldwide. People thoroughly scroll on the Internet to find the correct word instead of the confusion they face. In the article, we provide hints and solutions to the puzzle that got confused with the phrase Trime Wordle.

 Hints and Answer to wordle 396:

 A list of some words is written below to help you with the Answer. Words are:

  • Tried
  • Trion
  • Trime
  • Trite

Try the words mentioned above, and make sure you can knock out the Answer. Let us provide you with some more hints:

  • The word starts with “T.”
  • Two vowels are placed.
  • The meaning of the word lacks interest.

Maybe Trime or Trite? Meaning of Trime is the silver three-cent piece used in U.S. Answer for Wordle 396 is TRITE. Many of them got confused with Trime and were interested to know whether is a Trime Game?

Wordle game

Wordle is a word game, and it is online mode. Players are addicted to the game once they play. New York Times takes pride in publishing the game for the players. Josh Wardle, the game developer, was a former Reddit engineer. The game was released at every midnight.

The players are allowed to solve the puzzle within six attempts. The player must have a good vocabulary command to knuckle the mystery. Yesterday’s puzzle answer five letter word Trite was got confused with Trime. There are many wordle answers which have the same fate as Trime Wordle.

Wordle Gameplay.

Let us learn the rules of how to play the Wordle game. Every game has specific rules to follow to play the game. Read the below-listed rules:

  • The player must guess the correct five-letter word within six attempts.
  • Players are guided by the change in color of the box.
  • The green color of the box tells you are right.
  • The yellow color of the box means you are right but misplaced.
  • The grey color of the box tells you are wrong.

Playing the game makes players learn new words daily, which helps build up their vocabulary.

The spinoff of Trime Wordle

Presenting you the spinoff of the Wordle game. Several online games are available to replace the Wordle game experience. Spelling Bee is the word game.

  • Spelling Bee: It is an online five-letter word game. The game allows the player to knuckle the puzzle within six attempts only. The game has a unique arrangement pattern, like a bee hive with a hexagonal shape. New York Times publishes the game.


In the article, we have provided the hints and answer for Wordle 396. You can learn about Wordle and its gameplay.

Is Trime Wordle article helpful? Comment below. Click here for Wordle 396 

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