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Tripeswipe Reviews {Aug} Is This A Legitimate Website?

If you are looking for a website that deals in multiple products, including toys for children and garments for men and women, you must check Tripeswipe Reviews.

Do you want to buy cool toys for your children? And do you also want to buy some of the new trendy garments? If so, you have visited a perfect website that sells all these sorts of products at a very low price according to their actual price. This website originates from India.

If you are interested in any product of the above website, you must read Tripeswipe Reviews and today’s website article. 

What is Tripeswipe? 

It is an online website that believes in a variety of products. All the products shown on this website are very cheap and affordable for everyone. This inside mainly deals in many notebooks, electronic toys for children, drones, the government of women and men, and watches. We don’t know about the brand quality of this product as the goods do not show their brands, but we find that these products are quite good as we see them. All the products mentioned on this website are the new arrival products. If you want to know whether if Is Tripeswipe Legit, You must read today’s article completely. 

Specifications: –

  • Domain age:-we did not get any data regarding the mean age of this website. 
  • URL:- https://tripeswipe.myshopify.com/. 
  • Category:-The category sustained by this website is of multiple products. 
  • Email:-sales@tripeswipe.com. 
  • Contact no.:- 9099817875. 
  • Address: –we did not get the information regarding the address of this website.  
  • Payment options:PayPal, discover, AMEX, MasterCard, Visa. 
  • Return policy:-seven days easy return is available on this website. 
  • Refund policy:-the buyer will get notified. 
  • Shipping policy:-the products will be delivered free. 
  • Delivery policy:-the products will take 12 to 20 days to reach their customers. 

Above mentioned are some specifications regarding Tripeswipe Reviews


  • There are plenty of toys available for the children on this website. 
  • The price for each product in this website is very low compared to the market price. 
  • Proper HTTPS protocol was available for this website.  


  • Very high Alexa rank was given to this website. 
  • This website shows that there are only limited products available as there are no customers that review this website. 

Is this Website Legit? 

Is Tripeswipe Legit the question that is asked frequently by every visitor of this website? The reason for this question is that there are plenty of websites that are fake and try to fulfill their frauds. The customers must verify that if that particular website is trustworthy or not. For that, they need to check all the legitimacy points of that particular website and then decide about purchasing from it. If you want to read out the legitimacy more points in context to Tripeswipe Reviews, then read the following:-  

  • As in this website, we did not get it due to the mean age of the internet. 
  • The Alexa and that was given to this website was 863156, which is highly poor.
  • Any kind of customer reviews for this website was not available. 
  • The trust score that gained by this website is 23.6%. 
  • It seems that the content for this website is not plagiarized. 
  • Very high and receive discount could be seen. 

At the end of the legitimacy points, we can say that this website is not trusted by any means. 

Tripeswipe Reviews

Customer reviews are another most important aspect of a website that is to be mentioned in all circumstances. A website that does not has a good amount of customer reviews is nothing but a suspicious website. Websites of this type are not trusted, and scenes that could cause fraud in the future. As in the case of this website, no customer reviews are available, and this website is conjecture as a highly suspicious website. 

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Our conclusion is very clear as it is based on doing thorough research on Tripeswipe Reviews. Customer reviews are not present on the website. We cannot trust this website, but we count it in the category of highly suspicious and scam websites as we do not get the relevant information required to justify the website. 

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