Trumparoo Com (Jan 2021) Get all Updates About Protest

Trumparoo Com 2021
Trumparoo Com (Jan 2021) Get all Updates About Protest >> This article will help you to acknowledge the details of every event related to the elections and protest in the country.

The recent protest at the United States’ capital has been considered one of the darkest incidents of American history. As President-elect Joe Biden, rightly said, “that a president can either inspire or incite its people”. But the president opted for the latter one and incited his people to overpower the mandate of the entire country and democracy. He urged his people to break into the capitol, threaten the lawmakers, and somewhat capture it.

His quest for power is never-ending, even after the repeated verdict of many states, he resorted to forceful means which costed the life of three of his ardent followers. One of which is the founder of Trumparoo com.

Read ahead to know who is the founder of Trumparoo and how he was involved in the protest, which cost his life.

What is the website all about?

It’s a pro-trump social media website founded by fifty-year-old Benjamin Philips. He was a web developer, an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, and his theories, and he had developed this website six months ago, just before the U.S elections.

Through the website, they had organized and provided details about the pro-trump protests. They aim to overturn the mandate of the people and democracy and prove the United States president‘s hoax theory that the elections were “rigged”.

How was Trumparoo com involved in Capitol Protest?

With the help of an event organizing website called Eventbrite, they had organized a supposedly “patriotic” caravan with the slogan of “FIGHT FOR TRUMP”.

The website mentions that they would start their caravan at 6 AM from Bloomsburg, PA to the capitol hill of Washington D.C, and anyone who wanted to join them could do that on their way. Moreover, they provided two kinds of the ticket, free and charged. There was Free access for those who wanted to join the caravan with their SUV. And ticket charges 25$ for those who wanted to book their seat in an SUV provided by the Trumparoo com.

What caused the death of Benjamin Philips?

The police had no option but to use the most brutal force of shooting him, after a fair warning, the breach of security and a potential threat to the lawmakers.

His team members said that they had seen him last at 10.30 AM organizing bus for the capitol protest, but he did not show up for the 6 PM departure meet. After a while, they learned from the police that he is dead.

Final Verdict

Democracy allows everyone to express their opinions, hold protests, and have websites like Trumparoo com, but only through peaceful means. You cannot capture a state building for hours and overturn the decision of the entire country. The ballots have been recounted; the courts have given their decision. Now must respect the judiciary and constitution, and leave the office with the dignity you’ve left.

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