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Trust Wallet Kyc Scam {Aug 2022} Grab The Real Info!

This post on Trust Wallet Kyc Scam will help readers know about recent scams and make people aware of the online scams. Keep reading and grab more details.

Do you use a trusted wallet? Are you aware of a trust wallet scam? A trust wallet is an online wallet which allows the trader or user to store, share and buy Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. The wallet is well known across the globe and is pretty famous in Australia. However, there was news recently of fake emails scamming trust wallet users.

Read this blog on Trust Wallet Kyc Scam to know more about this scam.

What is a trust wallet scam?

Trust wallet, acquired by Binance in 2018, is regarded as one of the safest online platforms. Many people use this wallet to store, send and receive their cryptocurrency. As a result, it is one of the most used wallets. However, the company started trending when the news of a trust wallet scam was circulating on the internet. 

This scam was of the view of granting access to the accounts of trust wallet users. This scam consists of an email for a Kyc Verification. Soon the wallet scam became a headline in the tech industry, where many people lost access to their trust wallet accounts.

Trust wallet scam in detail

The trust wallet scam started with a doubtful email asking the trust wallet scam user to verify their details and how important it is to do a kyc of their trust wallet account. To look more accurate, this fake email was provided with a button saying, “Click here to verify your email” in some cases, the fake emails were provided with a link. Such fake Trust Wallet Scam Text is promoted by spam apps.

After seeing this email, the trust wallet users might click on the link where the website asks for the password to log in to their trust wallet account. As soon as the user enters the login into their trust account, they lose access to their account and their cryptocurrencies.

Steps to avoid online scams

To avoid online scams, the user should follow the guide below:

  • Do not install any random apps.
  • Avoid logging in to their account on any random website.
  • Should turn on the two-step verification.
  • Always inform the company about the scam.

Trust Wallet Kyc Scam

Due to the advancement in technology, the chances of online scams have become very high. One such scam occurred with the trust wallet users where the wallet owners were asked to verify their kyc through a fake email. 


This post discusses everything you need to know about the trust wallet scam. In addition, this blog talks about the scam in detail, and we have provided the steps to avoid online scams. Visit this link to know more about trust wallet scams.

Did this blog cleared all your doubts about the Trust Wallet Kyc Scam? For queries, mention them below.

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