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Trusted Butcher Meat Reviews – Read it Before You Buy!

Trusted Butcher Meat Reviews – Read it Before You Buy! -> This article gives all the information that a buyer should know, benefits, legitimacy and exciting product variety of website so that you can decide.

Is meatbutcher.com a trustworthy website or not? Does it provide fresh eatables or not? Well, you can get answers to all your queries from online Trusted Butcher Meat Reviews and get the assurance for the excellent quality of the stuff. 

Being an online shopper, the user must have tried plenty of online websites for ordering meat products, but meat butcher.com provides all the fresh products at lower prices as compared to other online selling websites.

And this is the point where it gets fictitious to get such fresh products in bulk at even low budget in countries like United State. So, it is preferable to do proper research about the realness of the website before placing your order.

Let’s have a look at some facts about the website.

What’s meatbutcher.com?

This is an online selling website which is a family-owned business for around 30 years. The site provides the most sustainable meat products directly from the family-owned farms. And the website owners make sure that the animals are raised with good nutrition and are kept in proper hygiene. 

Well, you can get full idea from Trusted Butcher Meat Reviews about not only the quality of stuff but also the level of services of the website. however, you should know about the products sold by the website, which includes beef, sea food, pork, sausages, chicken thigh meat, boneless meat and many more.

Who’s this for?

This online website is dealing in amazingly fresh eatables like ground pork, ground chicken, Italian sausages, whole chicken, chicken tenders and a lot more items. And looking at such variety, it can’t be categorized to be specifically for men or women. 

Well, it can be called out to be mainly for foodies where they can get their lip-smacking dishes at such affordable rates. Moreover, the online Trusted Butcher Meat Reviews reflect the quality it is adding to the customers’ food.


  • Website type: an online website dealing non-vegetarian food
  • Shipping time: within 48 hours
  • Delivery time: depends on the product availability
  • Company contact number: (323)807-8266
  • Payment method: PayPal, Master Card, VISA, discover
  • Company’s address: Vernon, CA 90058
  • Company” e-mail id: onlineorders@premiermeats.com
  • Cancellation of order: no information available

Pros of placing an order on meatbutcher.com:

  • The website provides the freshest products directly from farms to your dining.
  • The website provides the most sustainable meat products.
  • All the eatables are inspected and are certified to be fresh and are further sealed with inspected stickers.
  • The website provides various recipes to prepare your soul-satisfying food at home.

However, all the online information is not enough to be assured of the fact that is trusted butcher meats legit or not? So, the customer needs to give it a second thought before purchasing any of the products.

What people are saying about meatbutcher.com?

trusted butcher.com has become one of the most popular online meat selling websites by getting a lot of positive comments in the feedback section. Some of the customers have shown such positive response by saying that they received their order just the way it was shown online.

However, everyone did not have the same experience as some of them got issues regarding the quality of the food.

Cons of placing an order on meatbutcher.com:

Like all the other things, this website also has got some negative remarks in the online reviews regarding the delayed delivery, false advertisement, payment issues and low-quality food online from which few are mentioned below:

  • The website does not provide any estimation regarding the delivery time.
  • The website does not provide COD for the payments.

Conclusion healthiest line from about us

All the online Trusted Butcher Meat Reviews show that the website is legit and is good enough for getting fresh food items. The site tries to make the healthiest and cleanest meats to make their customers happy and fully satisfied with the services.

Moreover, the website also provides the period for which the customer can preserve the food items. So, it can be considered to be the right place for purchasing online. You can try out the website by placing small orders in the starting and share your views about the taste and quality in the feedback section.

0 thoughts on “Trusted Butcher Meat Reviews – Read it Before You Buy!

  1. I just placed a meat order but didn’t know I get a senior discount,can I still get one,thank you. Roxanne

    Received the TV smokeless grill without a power cord!! Never received my order. Contacted Customer service, put on hold for 30 minutes to receive a message to send phone number to prevent holding…never received return phone call. CAVEAT EMPTOR…BUYER BEWARE!!
    Fortunately, I can receive a credit from my Credit Card Company.

  3. I’m so disappointed we ordered your meat and set up for monthly deliveries. We also ordered the smokeless grill. We waited for a week or so and got an email that it was all cancelled because you are out of the product. You did however send out the grill. I’m hoping we like it. I know things have probably been a little crazy with all the covid 19 activity but I’m wondering if you will have anything available again? I also want to make sure you will not be doing any electronic transfers without me knowing when. I have read good reviews so I’m trusting that you are an honest company but it sure seemed a little shady.

  4. I ordered the meat special from the trusted butcher with a free indoor grill. They said on my e mail that it was shipped on may 5 th two weeks later I received the grill but no meat yet. Can’t get any answer by e mail or phone. Please help.

  5. ordered meat special that is on tv. received the grill right away but no meat yet. i am leaving town next week for 10 days and noone will be here to receive it. so we better speak on the phone about you holding it if it hasnt been shipped. if it has been shipped, i need to know a day that it was.

  6. I ordered the meat package that came with a free indoor grill. I never received the grill and now having a hard time getting through to the company. I have written 3 emails and 6 phone calls (always busy). Be very aware of this company. The food is low quality and the customer service is horrible. The food was small and tasteless. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

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