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Tuckits.com Reviews [June] Know about its Legitimacy!

Tuckits.com Reviews [June] Know about its Legitimacy! -> This article is about the authenticity of an ecommerce website that is dealing with kidswear and accessories.

Hey, new parents!!! Are you looking for the most happening tees, tanks, and pants for your bundle of joy? Why don’t you go online for the best deals, only for the kids? Well, you may visit Tuckits for the excellent collection for the kids and infants.

A lot of new parents these days are ready to buy the freshest apparel for their kids. As a result, go online. However, one must be very much aware of the dodgy sellers and the scam sites. Before you jump into the matter and place your first order, read out the Tuckits.com Reviews online. Many review sites or open forums are where people are talking about ecommerce sites in the United States.

Here, in this article, we will present the hidden facts, insider stories, and Tuckits Reviews that will help make the first move towards the purchasing. So, keep reading. 

What is Tuckits.com?

Tuckits com is one of the many webs stores that are selling kid’s apparel and accessories dedicatedly. Thinking differently for the kids makes the website unique. At the same time, the designs that the manufacturers present for the little ones are all one of a kind, as well as trendy. The vibrant colour and the quality tested materials make your baby happy as well as comfortable.

The sellers proclaim that they have a powerful and robust logistic system. As a result, buyers will not suffer any issues due to shipping and delivery. Also, the sellers are comfortable in B2B marketing, along with the B2C.

Specifications of Tuckits.com:

  • Product detail: Kidswear and kids accessories
  • Website: https://www.tuckits.com/
  • Email address: contact@tuckits.com
  • Office address: Woodland Ave, 5800 N, Gladstone, MO 64118, United States
  • Contact no.: (765) 338-9821]
  • Contact Person: John Derosa
  • Shipping time: 1 to 3 days from placing the order
  • Shipping charge: $4.99
  • Delivery time: 6 to 8 business days from ship date 
  • Refund/ Return: Within 30 days of purchasing. The refund is done with 5 to 7 business days.
  • Mode of payment: PayPal.

What are the chief benefits of Tuckits com?

  • It is a dedicated webstore only for kids.
  • A lot of trendy apparels are there on this website.
  • All the products are quality tested.
  • Smooth fabrics are comfortable for the kids.
  • They are selling tees, pants, sweaters, hoodies, skirts, shorts, night sets, rompers, and all other dresses and accessories that a kid needs.
  • The website takes a little time for shipping and delivery.
  • They provide easy return and refund policy.

What are the disadvantages of Tuckits com?

  • The website has no dedicated customer review section.
  • They are not found in any social media.
  • The sellers charge the shipping charge in each purchase.
  • It takes a very long time to deliver products to the outskirts of the mainland of the USA.
  • The best deals cannot be purchased without PayPal.
  • No cash on delivery service is available.

Customer review of Tuckits com:

First thing first, to have the Tuckits.com Reviews, people or the prospect-customers are looking for the review section for the very first time. Before placing the order, people want to know what the experiences of the previous customers are. Unfortunately, you will not get any review section on the website. The second option is the social media activities.

People want to connect to the buyers with the help of social media networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. The sellers have zero activity on any of the social sites. It could be a dangerous sign for a website because most of the time, it has been noticed that the scam sites do not collect their website with any social media pages. Also, they do not offer you ant review.

We search for the best reviews on the open forums or the review posting website. However, we found no one talking about the site and the products. It is another red-flag, indeed. With the help of some SEO tools and algorithm, we come to know that the website ranks under 50 on the Google search engine page results. As per the analytics, the site is surviving more than six months, but it is a new site. Well, these are the positive points that prove the authenticity of the website. 

The final verdict:

Some aspects of the website make it authentic. On the other hand, some deeds turn it into a very unofficial one, some of the points of the analytics and the insiders indicate good signs. It does not seem like a legit one to us.

However, we do not recommend our readers the site because, in our opinion, the site is too new to be trusted. There could be some possibilities to be a scam.

0 thoughts on “Tuckits.com Reviews [June] Know about its Legitimacy!

  1. This website is a scam… on June 17th they advertised a Nemo Hornet 2p tent for under $100. Because the purchase was facilitated through paypal I knew I had little to lose so I bought the tent. I reached out to the seller several times… tried to call the number on the website all to no avail. The next day I recieved a fake tracking number provided by the seller but sent through paypal. I’m on the phone with my bank cancelling the pending payment.

  2. Avoid. Uses the ‘old tracking number scam’ to take advantage of people. Fortunately for me they were too stupid and sent a tracking number with a date of delivery before I even placed the order. Should have known the cost was too good to be true. Complaint with IC3 has been filed.

  3. Tuckits.com is a scam. Made an order of $100 and the next day received a tracking code stating my item was already delivered weeks prior. Do not buy from this site.

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