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Tunnye Myshopify Reviews [July] Is this a Scam or Not?

Tunnye Myshopify Reviews
Tunnye Myshopify Reviews [July] Is this a Scam or Not? -> In this article, you will read about a fantastic online store that sells toys and games for children.

Have you been looking for an online site to purchase a game or toy for your kid/ children? Let us make you aware of this new site by providing you with the Tunnye Myshopify Reviews.

There are a lot of scam sites that have entered the online market recently. Especially after the lockdown all over the world, these sites have emerged into numbers. They act as traps for people who shop online and provide them with either forfeited products or nothing at all. 

They only let you confirm the order if your orders are prepaid. This way, the people incur a loss and become helpless as after the payment is done, they are unable to anything to get their money back.

Therefore, it is necessary that those who shop online in the United States or anywhere, go through the website thoroughly, and make sure that it is not a scam.

Hence, we provide you with the details of this new website known as Tunnye.

What is Tunnye?

Tunnye is a newly launched website in the United States. This website sells different toys and games for the children and kids out there. As per the Tunnye Myshopify Reviews, their slogan is ‘Enter the toy world.’ They have the products available at meager prices. 

They have baby puzzles, hockey board games, construction vehicle sets, fish toys, giant stuff animals, and soft worm. They believe in giving a child a happy childhood. 

However, they are not stocked up with many toys as of now. Their URL link mentions Shopify, which is a platform that lets any e-commerce business manage their shipping, inventory, payment, and products. 

One can create and customize an online store on Shopify as it has certain in-built features and tons of apps.

Nonetheless, is this website trustworthy or not, let us find out in this article below.

Specifications of Tunnye

  • Website link:
  • Website type: An online store selling toys and games for kids
  • Shipping time: The site does not mention
  • Delivery time: There is no information about it
  • Cancellation: Not specified on the website
  • Exchange: There is no data about it
  • Refund: Not stipulated on the website
  • Return: The site does not state
  • Shipping charge: Not designated on the website
  • Company location: Not mentioned on the site
  • Email id: The site does not specify
  • Contact: Not marked on the site
  • Mode of payment: Not named on the site

Who is Tunnye for

This website is, particularly for children and kids. They have toys and games on their site for sale at a meager price. Parents who wish to purchase some toy or game for their kids might consider this site. 

But before they do so, it would be wiser to check first the advantages and a disadvantage if someone is associated with them.

Advantages of Tunnye

  • The prices are meager.
  • They have unique items.

Disadvantages of Tunnye

  • The website does not specify any details.
  • The website is not functional.
  • There are no reviews about this site.

What are the reviews about Tunnye

This website is newly launched in the online market, marking a primary concern of not trusting them. A new website must not be trusted just yet. 

Moreover, there is no information available on the page related to their services. If someone clicks on the tabs mentioned on the page of Tunnye, it will lead to a page stating that ‘This shop is unavailable.’ 

It means that the page is not functional. Also, the site is empty, with just 5-6 items.

It is advisable for the people first to check the sites thoroughly not to fall prey to such websites as there are no Tunnye Myshopify Reviews.


The website is missing everything. It has nothing on the page apart from those 5-6 toys and games. That too doesn’t seem real. Any person can quickly figure out that this site is not legit. It is better to let them develop their website first and make it functional.

After observing this website’s details, it is clear that they are a scam, and we do not recommend it. There is no option for a person to place an order as this website is not functional anymore. 

There might be a possibility that the site is still under development. This site is not ready for use for now.

Did you get a chance to purchase any item from this store? Kindly share your experience with your views about them in the comments section below.

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  1. Great. I recently ordered a leg (weight) machine and Olympic weights from this site. Those are obviously NOT KIDS’ toys. It seems as if I’ve been “had”.

    Your impressions?

  2. Its a scam. Ordered products and the shop disappeared from the web the next day. Went through paypal so i may be able to get my money back but steer clear!

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