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Twitchearnings.Com {Oct} Latest Hacking Information!

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In this article, we have talked about the latest data breach of Twitch through the website.

Do you play games or attend live streams on switch? Are you aware of the latest Twitch website breach? If so, keep reading this article to know more about it. 

Recently the famous streaming site Twitch, based in the United States, suffered a massive data breach via a website named Twitchearnings com. So, in this essay, we will discuss

About Twitch 

Twitch is a digital live streaming website based in the US specializing in streaming video games live on the platform, especially e-sports tournament broadcasts. In addition, musical broadcasts, artistic content, plus everyday life feeds are also available. 

Twitch Interactive operates under Amazon. Twitch was introduced on 6th June 2011. It is a spin-off of Justin. tv, a common interest broadcasting network. The site’s information can be accessed in real time or on request. It had 3 million broadcasters per month as well as 15 million active users per day as of February 2020, with an estimate of 1.4 million consistent users.


The popular streaming service Twitch, which lets streamers and other creators have an opportunity to play online games for their user base has reported a data breach recently.

The massive data breach was a result of a probable hack. The incident occurred on 6th October 2021, when information about the source codes, sources, and streamer payments, among other things, was released to the web. 

The website through which the data was leaked is Twitchearnings com. The website displayed the Twitch Earnings Leaderboard, which shows the earnings of the most prominent streamers that they earned from August 2019 to October 2021. Through, such highly confidential information was made available to the general public.

The domain Twitchearnings was registered on 6th October 2021, and it expires on 6th October 2022. The name servers Kanye ns Cloudflare com and Vita ns Cloudflare com are the hostnames of the site’s server. The informative content providing Twitchearnings com website is registered under the name, CloudFlare, Inc.

Now let’s take a look at the traffic of the website. According to Alexa Ranking, this domain has a global ranking above 1 billion, which will soon change as the site is out of service.

About the concerns regarding the data breach

  • As per the site, each web page includes a list of rankings ranging from the highest to the lowest.
  • Among them are 81 broadcasters who already have amassed a total of 1 million dollars in three years.
  • Also, there are 262 broadcasters who have made over half a million dollars through Twitch.
  • Source codes have also been exposed through the site.


The latest data breach at Twitch has exposed the security vulnerability of popular sites. The data leak has also uncovered the earnings of Twitch streamers. Visit the Twitchearning website news  to know more.

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