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Two Blind Brothers Reviews {Jan 2022} Is It Scam Or Not?

Two Blind Brothers Reviews 2020

Two Blind Brothers Reviews {Jan 2022} Is It Scam Or Not? >> Buy fashionable clothing & accessories, embodiments of differently-abled at affordable rates.

Two Blind Brothers ReviewsBlind shopping is an excellent idea to have fun and excitement. Trust and optimism of being fortunate and the will to make goodwill are what needed here. 

If you are looking for the best shipping, budget-friendly price, and best guarantee on your products, you are in the right place—the setup date of this website is 16th December 2015.

The United States citizens and all readers dive deeply into our reviews and know about the benefits laid by the website.

As per some research, it is clear that 100% of profits earned by the company are given to charitable foundations, researchers, and programs. Two Blind Brothers Reviews will assist the users in simplifying the facts and know the ethics and working process of the website.

What is the Shop blind challenge posed by Two Blind Brothers?

After reading the critical parts of the website, it is evident by their side that the principle of Shop Blind is “trust.” They claim that the buyer will love the item he bought, even without seeing it. 

Yes, there is not any clue about the product you have purchased. Only the discounted price points may come to your knowledge. The company claims to provide the best as well as the newest items to their clients. 

According to Two Blind Brothers Reviews, it is made clear that the user can contribute to a good cause if he invests here. The money invested here can help cure blindness as the site informs us that 100% of all profits contribute to pre-clinical researchers for eye disease.

As a final point, if the United States user is not happy with what he gets, he/she can return the order without any hassle.

What is unique about this website?

Bryan and Bradford Manning are the founders of the company. It has vast experience and skilled professionals who gain profits for the betterment of visually impaired people. Two Blind Brothers Reviews makes it clear that the offering of attractive clothing is available.


  • Products: Clothing for men, women, and kids, Accessories, etc.
  • Email for modification and cancellation:
  • Return policy: Yes (All items are returnable if delivered in the bundle)
  • Order is dispatched within 1 – 3 days of being placed.
  • Full refund time: Within 45 days of purchase
  • Web page:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 917.722.6284
  • Address: Two Blind Brothers, LLC, 21 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10013
  • Effective as of April 06, 2016
  • Modes of payment: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Network, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.


  • Two Blind Brothers holds the authorization of the TRUSTe Privacy Program.
  • Two Blind Brothers Reviews considers it an independent organization that focuses on building trust and confidence
  • Utilization of fair information practices.
  • Disclosure of information practices


  • Zero clues of the bought product
  • No evidence of the donated profits for a good cause.
  • Fewer details of the color, type, utility, and size of the product
  • Direct provision to donation is not accessible.
  • Delivery and Handling charges are non-refundable.

Is Two Blind Site Legit?

This website has a presence on Facebook, Instagram and other sites. Mixed reviews and personal experiences of the users clarify the hidden things and put everything on the surface. According to Two Blind Brothers Reviews, some users find it an excellent start to help the needy ones. We found that they attract customers with their upbeat, uplifting, and motivational words. 

We suggest the clients make a move on this website but only after going through the reviews. If users are not picky about the product, they can buy something here in their budget.

Customer Feedback on Two Blind Brothers

After thorough research, we realized that the site recommends the users to contribute directly to the Foundation Fighting Blindness. This platform claims to work both as a social enterprise as well as a charity project.

Two Blind Brothers Reviews also clarifies that the company’s website sticks to its “Blind Faith” guarantee, providing free domestic exchanges and returns. This is a startup fashion company that gives an internship as well. We highly recommend the readers or users to be attentive and conscious of their deals. 

Final Verdict:

As per our research, we have concluded that this website seems legit. But as we said earlier, there are mixed reviews available on the internet. Thus, we recommend users to be sure of their motives before they spend for a good cause. Donation is good but shall be directive. Give a feedback to our content on Two Blind Brothers Reviews.


  1. I believe that they are legit but they have a huge promise issue at the moment. they are not disclosing the backlog of orders, they are still accepting orders and there is scattered response from the company. October and November orders may or may not be delivered by xmas and you can’t even tell. the latest comment was from a company rep who said “i’m told it will all be out by 12/15”. Of course, there is no holding them accountable but they are able to ruin a lot of present opening in a year where any moment of joy was important. Worse, I can’t even tell if I should be emergency shopping for other items having $200 tied up with this company. Yes, it is a rough year for all but a company DOES KNOW its supply chain and can stop taking orders. I can’t say I will be back to them.

  2. I wish I could be positive about the company, but I can’t. Customer Service is bad. Have an issue, emailed and still waiting on a reply two days later, when it states 24 hours or less response. I work hard for my money, and wanted to support this company, but I feel duped! Do not buy!

  3. Ordered from them on 11/13/2020 thinking that would be plenty of time for Christmas. As of 12/18/2020, there is still no tracking or shipping information and the only feedback from customer service is an apology due to COVID. The last response I received from customer service indicated that I would be receiving tracking information in the next few days and that was 4 days ago.
    I would agree that there are some serious issues with the backlog of orders; hence I have had to expend additional dollars for Christmas due to the delay. I have not processed a refund yet, but am concerned that would be significantly delayed as well. Holding my money on an order that was placed over a month ago and still hasn’t shipped. Kind of makes me wonder where the $60,000 went generated from the Ellen DeGeneres show a few years ago.

    1. Placed an order for a sight unseen package for $30. Was told that I will be thrilled with my purchase and that it will be worth much more than the $30 purchase price. My package arrived in 3 days. When I opened it I wasn’t thrilled. I got a nice black cardboard box about 4″x4″x4″. When I opened it there was a small round candle in it. About 2 1/5-3″ in diameter. 30 bucks! I guess it was a donation on my part. I’m done.

  4. I finally got mine. Went ahead and opened it with the intention of taping it back up and putting it under the tree. I’m so glad I did. There is no way I’m sticking it under the tree. I got a plain black cap and a pair of socks, that’s it. I’m one and done. I consider it a donation and nothing more.

  5. I placed an order a month ago, on 11/18 and received notification on 12/2 that part of my order was being shipped. To date, that item still has not been shipped. I’ve been tracking on UPS and is still shows that a shipping label was prepared but the item has not been received by them yet.

    I just received notification the remainder of my order will be shipped via FedEx. I had planned on giving the items as Christmas gifts but since I had shopped blindly I have no idea who the gift should be given to as all of my family members have different tastes and I would like to give the gift to the person who would appreciate it the most. This has made my Christmas shopping very difficult as I don’t know who I still need to buy gifts for or if I will even receive them in time.

    If my package is ready to be shipped all they have to do is have UPS pick up all of the orders that are ready to be shipped. I’ve been receiving items via UPS and FedEx I’ve ordered from other businesses within a few days of ordering so I highly doubt it’s a shipping issue.

    2BB says they are being cautious about packaging and shipping. It shouldn’t take over a month for them to fulfill orders and have UPS or FedEx pick up the order

    If they are so backed up they should not be taking orders from people who are expecting to recieve the items in time for holiday gift-giving

    As much as I am happy to support charitable organizations I’m very concerned about where the money they’re receiving is going. A lot of it is obviously going towards advertising because I keep seeing their ads pop up several times daily .

  6. Not Legit – Orders placed in Early November are still not filled and Dec 21st emails were sent out saying that items “may not arrive by Dec 24th”. Who knows if the orders were ever placed because six weeks should be more than enough time to get orders out.

  7. Soo Disappointed

    I placed a an order for 8 gift boxes, November 2020 after a few emails I received 1 box with 8 items the end of January 2021. thought I was buying one box for each of my co-workers, Now how was I supposed to give this as gifts to my co-worker, instead of handing them each a box and watch them open to see what each had received I would now have to buy very small gift bags. My co workers whom thought the Idea of shopping Blind was so wonderful.
    When I received the one shoe box I thought, now I’ll have to wait for 8 more…….. good thing I opened it……

    I returned the items the very next morning….

  8. I see I’m not alone with frustrations from reading the reviews on shopping blind for Christmas gifts. I ordered mid November for two blind boxes, and as their website stated the orders would be shipped within 3 – 5 days. No tracking info. was available. Finally contacted them mid December about the order and after a few days received a response that the boxes should be here by Christmas Eve. My order came the end of December. I realize “shopping blind” I don’t know what I’m getting, but when they say I’ll love the items, they were incorrect. Besides the socks, the other items I did not “love” and would not have given them as Christmas gifts. There’s a site that lists what should have been included, but the nice items were not included. I contacted the company and they said they would send out the items I was supposed to receive. Over one month later on Feb. 25th, the box finally came, but again was disappointed with items included. Recommendation: don’t fall for the shop blind gifts excitement, it’s false. They should have stated in November the backlog of orders and not promised that I would love them! This has certainly put a sour taste in my mouth about this company. A request for a donation would have been more appreciated and respected.

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