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Tyler Schmidt Obituary {July 2022} Checkout The Info!

Do you want recent updates on the family homicide at Iowa State Park? Then, kindly read our Tyler Schmidt Obituary article to learn about the details.

Do you know that a recent accident in Iowa State Park has left only one surviving member, that too, a nine-year-old boy? If you are familiar with this accident, please share some information in the comments section. 

The accident occurred in the United States, where a family was reportedly attacked in the Iowa State park after police arrived. Upon searching the crime scene, the police officers found a nine-year boy alive after the attack. Hence, the family has organized Tyler Schmidt Obituary for people to sympathize with them. 

The Reports

After three people were killed in eastern Iowa, an investigation is still ongoing. On Friday morning, it happened at the campgrounds in Maquoketa Caves State Park. Three people in the same family were found dead. They are Tyler and Sarah Schmidt, both 42, and their daughter Lula, six, all from cedar falls. However, Arlo their son survived from the incident. Investigators say that their bodies were found in their tent.

What’s Going On?

The family is from Cedar Falls, mourning with the rest of Tyler Schmidt Cedar Falls Iowa community. We are here to talk about what she heard from the city’s mayor. Check out the GoFundMe page that the mayor of Cedar Falls shared. You can see Tyler, Sarah, and Lula Schmidt, but you can also see a nine-year-old boy who the mayor says is safe on Facebook. Look at that social media post right here:

“Arlo, who he says is the son of Sarah and Tyler Schmidt, did make it through the attack,” he said. The mayor also said he knew Sarah well and had worked with her on a library presentation this week.

Tyler Schmidt Obituary 

Sarah worked at the public library in Cedar Falls. The library staff posted that it would not be open today because they were sad about the death of a close friend and coworker. We talked to Mayor Green today, and he gave us the link to the GoFundMe page. To remind you, the Iowa DCI hasn’t said anything about what happened yet. Their agents are still looking into a lot of things.

What do the people looking into it say?

According to investigators, Anthony Sherwin, 23, from La Vista, was also discovered at the Tyler Schmidt Cedar Falls Iowa campgrounds. He seemed to have killed himself by shooting himself in the head. There is no news about it right now.

The information provided in this write-up is collected from varied sources that is available on the internet. 


Children from the Cedar Falls area have already made posters with Sarah’s name written on them. The tragedy was in a severe shock to all of them.

What do you think about this homicide of a family? Please share your thoughts or condolences on Tyler Schmidt Obituary in the comment section.

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