u2promo com Aldi {Nov} Know Scam of The Food Boxes!

u2promo com Aldi 2020

u2promo com Aldi {Nov} Know Scam of The Food Boxes! >> A website claiming to give gift vouchers and groceries. Also, know if the site is legit or a scam.

The pandemic hit everyone hard, and everyone is looking for free services due to the cut in income. In the United States, a company is celebrating its 75th birthday and provides free vouchers and food boxes for people who register on a website and like and comment on it.

In this article on ‘u2promo com Aldi,’ we will share details about that website and the process to avail Aldi vouchers and food boxes. Also, we will tell you if the website is legit or not. Read the entire article to know about the Aldi brand and website in detail.

What is the website?

The website seems to be a promotional tool for the company Aldi Inc has many stores in the United States. According to the research, an image is available on the Google platform of the companies CEO, along with food packages.

The website says that all the people who register on the website ‘u2promo com Aldi’ and share it will get Christmas boxes for free, including groceries and Aldi voucher. 

What is Aldi?

Aldi is a German brand of a supermarket chain present in 20 countries and has around 10000 stores. The company sells household essentials and groceries. Aldi was founded in 1946. 

The company split into individual companies named Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud. It is a private company that deals in the retail industry.

What does the viral image say?

The viral image about the website available on the Google platform says that Jason Hart, the CEO of Aldi company, celebrates the company’s 75th anniversary. People who register on the website u2promo com Aldi’ like, share, and comment on it get free Christmas food boxes on the doorstep.

Also, it mentions that all the food boxes will have 75 dollars worth of groceries and Aldi vouchers worth $25. The image also mentions that you need to visit the website to become eligible for the free food box and gift vouchers.

Is the website legit?

As per the research performed, the website is 34 days old and is currently not accessible. There are web pages where the website is reported as a scam.

According to the information available, this website does not send any gift boxes to people who register and comment on it. It might be linked to other companies’ promotional scams, which is fake. The website ‘u2promo com Aldi’ uses the Facebook page to attract the users in the name of free Christmas boxes. 

We recommend all the people who commented on the website to remove their comments and not visit the website or the Facebook page and like or share anything. The website is not safe, and you might end up getting spyware in your system.


The article’s final line says that Christmas is approaching, and many scammers are using it as an opportunity to attract people in the name of free Christmas gifts. One such scam is the Aldi food box scam, where the website asks people to like, share, and comment on the website ‘u2promo com Aldi’ to avail free grocery boxes and gift vouchers.

According to the research, the website is a scam, and it’s not initiated officially by ‘Aldi’ so delete the website’s comments and shared posts. We recommend users to stay away from all such scam sites.

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