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Through Ukraine Breaking News 24/7 Latest, we will first analyze the reason behind the rising tension between the two countries and then see the latest updates.

Do you want to know what the 24/7 latest update in Ukraine is? Are you aware of the rising tension between Russia and Ukraine? Whether it is political personalities or the general public Worldwide, all want peace.

On Friday, UNSC passed a resolution condemning Russia, and a vote of all countries decided this. However, it could not pass as Russia, a permanent member of the Security Council, vetoed the resolution.

Let us discuss further what is news updates by reading our post on Ukraine Breaking News 24/7 Latest.

What is the matter behind the tension between Russia and Ukraine?

Ukraine and The Russian Federation are currently in a situation of war. But the actual war began in the 2014 Dignity Revolution. Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s elected President and his supporter, was overthrown. He refused to sign a free trade agreement with the European Union and supported Russia.

Russia retaliated by invading Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and backed a separatist insurgency that escalated in Ukraine’s east. Since the conflict started, over 14,000 people have died. Last year also tension escalated in cease-fire violations but eased.

Ukraine Breaking News 24/7 Latest:

Despite the condition of destabilization in the country, President said in the recent news on Friday that embassy staff should not leave any further. While in the news conference with foreign media on Friday, VolodymyrZelenskyy said the diplomats are the captain and represent their respective countries. We are sorry, but the captains are the last to leave the ship, even if the ship is drowning.

He also added that we don’t have such a situation here; Ukraine is moving ahead. But, of course, we understand that there is a fear of invasion. Still, the country officials have repeatedly worked to project calm. Ukraine Breaking News 24/7 Latest President also said that the situation is not like earlier. There may be an escalation, but we don’t need to fear this much.

More on the current situation:

When Moscow deployed troops across the border in recent weeks, a new tension began. However, Russia denied any such invasion and stated it is in response to provocation from the West, but Western nations are not convinced.

Moreover, on Friday, Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, reemphasized that Moscow would not launch a war in Ukraine. However, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the Kremlin could disturb Ukraine through cyberattacks or sabotage.

Ukraine Breaking News 24/7 Latest, in reply to this, Zelenskyy said that Ukraine has managed to stop several cyberattacks and restore whatever has recently been impacted. Furthermore, Ukraine’s secret service and law enforcement officers are working round the clock to prevent any further attempts, whether physical or any other.

He also added our action plan would make sure we don’t lose any lives. Furthermore, Zelenskyy added we understand they need provocation every day to destabilize the situation here, and thus we are working every day to prevent this.


According to the Ukraine Breaking News 24/7 Latest Russia, invading Ukraine encouraged Ukraine to break all diplomatic relations with its easternneighbors. You can visit here to know more about Russia-Ukraine relations.

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