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Read the details of the content in the video footage that has been on the internet since the war started. Know about Ukraine War Videos 2022.

There are hundreds of videos of the Russian-Ukraine war on the internet. But, a specific video was shared on Twitter and other social media platforms, released on 25th February 2022 Worldwide. Do you know about the content in the video? Do you want to know the casualty rates? Do you know what the other videos show on the internet and news media?

Read this article until the end to know about Ukraine War Videos 2022.


The video was taken at night on 24th February 2022 at approximately 10:18 PM local time. The video was from the northeast city of Sumy, showing the Russian invasion when the Russian troops were initially repulsed.

The video showed the city in flames, shelling, fire and smoke. The sound of gunfire was also heard in the background. There were no commuters on the roads and in the area. 

The video went viral as it was shot by locals in the Sumy city and uploaded on Twitter to make people Worldwide aware of the situation.

Ukraine War Videos 2022 showing destruction:

After the night passed by, the morning senses showed the devastating condition of the city with vehicle tyres scattered around, buildings destroyed, and people moving around undercover. 

An emotional video of a Ukraine tank hitting a car driven by an old man was shown. The Tank crushed the car. However, the old man in the car survived, and civilians removed the car top to evacuate the old man.

On the news media in Ukraine, civilians giving interviews were shown; who said they would fight Russian troops for the safety of their family and children; the Ukraine War Videos 2022 showed that civilians were not afraid of losing their lives for the cause of protecting Ukraine.

The rescue operations were also shown. The Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelensky, ordered the total mobilization of the military and its resources. The order was released on Thursday, 24th February 2022.

The Russian troops have planned to encircle the capital city of Ukraine to create a shortage of food and electric supply. On the other hand, Russia intends to make a list of pro-Russian leaders who will lead Kyiv after Russia takes over Ukraine.

The Ukraine troops reported early today in Ukraine War Videos 2022 on Facebook that they could counter the Russian army and repelled them from major streets. Many other videos showed the severe circumstances by showcasing military training to civilians.


A video showed that president of Ukraine joining the troops in military uniform and uplinking a video from his bunker. In the latest video, President Zelensky was shown walking alon

g the streets of war-ravaged Kyiv city and dispelled the rumours that he had ordered for surrender. The invasion of Sumy city reported 137 people dead and 316 injured.

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