Make an Unforgettable Video of Your Trip With Images

Latest News Unforgettable Video of Your Trip With Images

Unforgettable Video of Your Trip With Images: Do you love traveling? How about keeping those travel memories? You are likely to take thousands of photos when on a trip, and turning these pictures into a captivating video can be a great idea. Once you have a video from your images, you can share it with friends and family. Besides, if you have a social media account like YouTube, sharing your image travel video can help to attract viewers to your channel.

Today, you do not have to struggle to create a video from your best travel images. You only require a free online video editor to turn a collection of photos you want to share into a captivating video. A video is more interesting and dynamic compared to ordinary photo slideshows. That is why you should consider keeping those sweet travel moments in the form of a video.

As you figure out how to create the best video from photos, you do not have to restrict yourself to the specific guidelines. But you should envision what your video should look like at the end. That helps you prepare all your photos beforehand. You would not want to go back to shoot and edit more images after starting your product which can delay the video-making process.

Tips to Create Amazing Video From Your Travel Images

  • Choose Right Photos

Whether you want to create a video for promotional purposes or personal use, you can make it memorable by using the best images. Everyone likes watching something engaging and a video that looks professional. And if you seek to evoke emotions through your video, you need to plan everything well.  

While on your trip, ensure to capture hundreds of photos. Make sure to go through them and relive the experience. Then, you can pick the visual asset that truly reflects your trip. You may create a folder on your device with files you would like to include in your travel image video.

  • Decide the Video Type

Once you have captured enough clips and images for your travel video, you can now choose what type of travel video to create. Maybe you seek to promote the destination you have visited, or you want to inspire your viewers to visit a specific place for adventure. You should decide the kind of video you want to create and then use stunning clips and images to implement your vision. If you add images in your footage, ensure to include a text alongside them that highlights features captured in your photos. 

On the other hand, if you have created a YouTube travel channel, you may want to create a video showcasing different destinations and what your viewers expect to see in case they visit. That requires you to get photos of various destinations and their unique features. The big idea is to plan out your video carefully before taking your photos.

  • Edit Your Photos

Even if you are not a professional videographer, you can create engaging videos. You need not just collect clips and images and put them together into the footage. A travel video requires more than that. If you captured your travel images and clips at different times of the day, they would look different in terms of color. That’s why you should edit them and improve their quality to make your video more appealing. 

With the help of a video editor, you can fix any issues in your images. As you edit your images, make sure to pay attention to color, contrast, and image saturation. A well-edited image will make your video more stunning. And do not worry if you are new to video editing. The process is very simple. You can begin editing your video by adding your footage to the timeline of your editing software. It becomes easy to work on your video with a good video editing tool since you can apply readymade video templates.

  • Add Text 

Your next step is to tell the story of your trip. Adding a few words to every block in your image makes it more engaging. A text in your video puts context to what you want your viewers to know about your trip. With a good video maker, you will easily use all kinds of words in your image video.

When working on your image video, ensure it has titles or subtitles. And you can add all that your clicking add text option from your free online video editor. Apart from just title and subtitles, you can use your editing software to adjust the size of your text, color, and background. You may also move the location of your text on the video.

  • Add Music

A good travel image video should have relevant music. You should settle for a soundtrack that creates the right mood for your video. Remember, if you are creating a video for sharing, you need to attract your audience’s attention at all costs. And with the right music in your video, you can be sure to win your audience to watch until the end.

Many video editing software has a music library full of good music tracks you can use in your video. You only need to use filters to find the best audio that complements your video project perfectly. But you should make sure to use free royalty music. Some audio requires a license, and you need permission to use it. If you post your video to YouTube, keep in mind that YouTube can remove your video if you use copyrighted music without a license.

  • Export Your Video

To this end, you should be happy with your video made from photos. If that is the case, you can go on and export it. Ensure to export your video in a format that plays on many devices and is compatible with the platforms you want to upload.

Depending on the video editor you are using, you can adjust your video’s resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio. You can click the export video option on your editor and select the destination for the saved file when you have finished editing. You may give your name to the file. Once you are through, ensure to watch your video one more time before uploading and sharing to your preferred platforms.


Get on board with these steps and create stunning videos from your travel images. Videos are more engaging, and many online users are coming to watch videos. Whether you want promotional videos or content for personal use, creating videos has become easy and faster. You only need to get reliable video editing software, and you will create amazing content from your images.

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