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Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading to a Wi-Fi Router

Upgrading to a Wi-Fi Router: Enjoying a seamless internet connection is something that everyone should prioritize in today’s modern world. However, sometimes issues can occur and your internet speed becomes disrupted. These issues can be at your internet provider’s end or even with your Wi-Fi router.

Yes, your internet router can mess things up and affect your overall internet speed. Several reasons contribute to this, which is why you need to put in the effort and upgrade it after a year or two. Here are some benefits that will surely motivate you to upgrade your internet router:

Firmware Upgrade

One of the good reasons that you should upgrade your internet router is for achieving firmware upgrades. Just like going for the latest model of your mobile phone, going for the latest internet router is important to get firmware upgrades.

Most internet companies such as AT&T provide router upgrades and replacements for customers’ ease. In case you’re acquiring services from AT&T and want to upgrade your router, just reach out to AT&T technical support for assistance and information.

An upgraded router comes with better firmware with enhanced protection protocols, better speed, and coverage as well as improved performance. So, if you’re experiencing issues with your internet speed, then upgrade to the latest model right away.

To Increase Speed

Apart from an upgraded firmware, your new internet router will bring the enhanced speed that you’ve been looking for. That is why it’s often recommended to switch to a better internet router to get good speed if your provider’s service has no issue.

Latest Wi-Fi routers come with dual-band and tri-band frequencies that help achieve better coverage and speed. In addition, you also enjoy a better internet speed over a good distance, which you weren’t able to previously with your old router.

With the latest firmware and high-end specs, the router can transfer data at an increased rate, making it easier for users to enjoy a good amount of speed. For instance, some routers offer up to 750 Mbps on a single band.

On the other hand, dual-band routers can go beyond 1000 Mbps and tri-band routers extend further. Given this upgrade, you should surely choose to buy the latest model from the market. There’s a reason why gaming routers exist and that is high-speed internet, helping gamers switch to Wi-Fi connectivity from LANs.

To Enhance Coverage/ Range

We’ve highlighted how an upgraded internet router can provide enhanced coverage and range with multi-band frequencies. Old routers don’t have the capacity or the features to provide relentless speed and coverage.

However, the latest routers can offer multiple functions at once, including high-speed, coverage and a better data transfer rate. This augmentation of services makes it easier for the users to switch to true wireless connectivity and enjoys seamless coverage throughout their place.

It also removes the hassle of using additional devices such as powerline adapters or Wi-Fi extenders. Hence, if you think your router isn’t offering better coverage, try upgrading it. Do contact support for company-offered upgrades.

Better Management and Control

Another good reason to upgrade to a better version of your internet router is that it allows you to get better control over your Wi-Fi network and manage it effectively. An old internet router lacks functions and operations, just like an old phone that isn’t able to offer speed nor does it support the latest applications.

If you’re upgrading your network but leaving your router, then you’re making a big mistake as well as putting your network at a security risk. The latest routers in the market offer better control and management options, integration tools, connection, and security protocols and so much more to benefit from.

Therefore, if you think saving a few bucks and not upgrading your Wi-Fi router is a good idea, then think again.

For Improved Security Protocols

We mentioned earlier how upgrading to the latest internet router will help get effective control over your security protocols. However, it’s not just limited to your network but users and other networks connecting with it.

For instance, you want to create guest profiles for multiple users. However, these profiles should have private access to your network yet enjoy a good deal of services as regular users. Such protocols and parameters can only be applied with a modern internet router that has extended operations and functions.

In addition to this, parental controls are highly essential in a house with children. Again, most internet routers come with effective parental control options as well as provide an easy-to-use interface, making it easier for the parents to apply such restraints.

Upgrading Your Internet Router – Some Do’s And Don’ts

Now that we’ve looked at some potential benefits you’ll get from upgrading your internet router, here are some dos and don’ts that you should check out:

Do Consider

  • The speed and coverage needs.
  • The frequency modes and additional features.
  • Available options.
  • Company-provided routers.
  • Compatibility with existing/ new network
  • User interface
  • Budget


  • Pick gaming routers unless needed
  • Pick expensive routers for domestic use
  • Go for superficial speed or coverage
  • Choose routers if your provider is offering

Apart from these, you should invest in knowing what your internet needs are and whether upgrading your internet router will help resolve the issue or not.

Closing Thoughts

Upgrading your internet router brings several benefits and you can surely experience better performance with it. However, going through what your needs are and what service your internet provider is offering will help make an effective choice in picking the right option for your router upgrade.

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