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Urlife UK Reviews (April 2021) – Is It That Good?

Urlife UK Reviews (April 2021) – Is It That Good? >> Urlife.co.uk is an online shopping portal for people seeking out to buy trendy gadgets at subsidized costs. At least, that’s what the company claims. Their motive is to attract all kinds of buyers with different needs so that urlife.co.uk becomes the one-stop solution for all online shoppers to a greater extent.

Shopping for gifts on occasions is a mind stressing act. We need to budget, prepare a list of people, for whom gifts are to be bought and also select appropriate gifts for the same. 

There was a time, years before when I would go out with my parents and do the shopping ourselves spending almost an entire day outside home. Yet we would not be satisfied with what we bought.

These days, due to our hectic schedules, most people resort to online shopping options rather than physically visiting the brick and mortar stores.

The difference lies in the fact that on a virtual interface, a person has to depend on the images shown and the description mentioned in the website. There’s no scope of touching or feeling the object.

Urlife.co.uk is one such online portal that offers different kinds of gadgets at low prices.

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What is Urlife.co.uk?

Their product line is difficult to define as it encompasses several genres and categories together. However, the company claims to be sourcing the most utilitarian gadgets for buyers, showcased all at one place. 

The website also promises that their products are way cheaper than the market price. That’s because they maintain their own warehouse, chucking out distributing agents, salesmen and other extra manpower in the process.

They also ascertain that the entire business is taken care of by themselves, which is financially relieving and revenue wise optimizing, yet here’s one indication of discrepancy. How can one trust such a firm which doesn’t have a reputation of his own and has no associations so as to corroborate the former’s being?

Urlife UK website review

That can be true to a certain extent!

However, the guarantee on the products being of top quality cannot be trusted. The ‘About Us’ page of Urlife.co.uk is pretty elaborative, with some essential points mentioned. For example – the payment mode and the promise of ‘building trust’, of course sounds appealing to a new online visitor.

However, the overdoing of these explicits, might also raise a few eyebrows.

The product line is too vivid, which either shows that the company aims at being a social beneficiary by catering to every odd need of any buyer, which is weird, else it just wants to make money selling anything under the roof, which is dangerous.

Is Urlife UK scam or legit?

Assessing the ‘contact us’ page, the shortcoming that caught my notice is there’s no mention of any phone number. 

They claim to assist the customer 24*7, then why can’t a person be available to speak?

No physical address of the company is mentioned here. In the ‘About Us’ page, an address of Hong Kong city is mentioned, which is contrary to the UK registration imported by the site. Why should a company, whose base is at Hong Kong acquire a registration of a different country?

There are several such online companies which make money overnight through fake promises related to their products being premium and available at dearer prices. Once, a layman gets convinced without much research, their work is done.

Many times the products delivered are not up to the mark and sometimes they aren’t delivered at all. At such times, in either cases, relevant complaints should be registered with the cyber crime complaint cell. Such offences are punishable by the act of law.

My Recommendation

It’s too difficult to just trust any online website making tall claims. Few turn out to be genuine and prevail over time but most fraudulent ones just perish overnight either robbing off the customer’s money or losing out on commercial gains.

As a precautionary measure, one should always spread the word!

Talk about the website in social media groups. Learn about the experiences of others and encourage people to share the same. 

Never go for online transaction of money without ensuring the validity of the online site. If it’s the first time that you are planning to buy from this site, then it’s better to choose ‘cash on delivery’ option. Check on the item received, because images can be copied and description of products can be missed.

If there’s any discrepancy regarding the quality or delivery standards of the company, they are liable for punishment.

0 thoughts on “Urlife UK Reviews (April 2021) – Is It That Good?

  1. I ordered 3 inflatable bubbles for my grandkids from this site, on arrival they were all damaged and totally substandard, to date I have contacted them by email 3 times with a return/refund request and no one is replying, there is no phone no to call and no alternative email address.
    I will never buy from this company again.

  2. I also bought an inflatable bubble for my grand children, it was half inflated with air and burst along a seam with minutes . Cheap knock off rubbish and it appears their promo ad has been copied from another manufacturer. Spookily urlife has removed the product from sale. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY

  3. I too bought an inflatable ball that didn’t have a pump included,I have had email contact and was offered 6% refund,naturally I declined and an now putting it in the hands of my credit card company

  4. I also purchased x2 bubbles.
    There was no response to my request for delivery – just automated forms with request numbers on them.
    After much heavy handed requests, the “products arrived.
    No instructions, no adaptors, nothing.
    Checked “How to inflate” on line with confusing results as it seems they are for air inflation not water!
    Requested an address to return as unfit for purpose and was told they would need to be returned to China at my cost but was offered a 20% discount if I kept them!!
    Finally got a total refund and sent them back to a UK delivery address.
    Don’t use them.

  5. I purchased Titanium Progressive Far and Near Dual-use Reading Glasses
    8809 BLACK / ‘+3.00 / 60-65 YEAR OF AGE.
    Reading the information on this website is misleading it informs me that I have a 30 day money back guarantee and yet you do not cover the postage costs that far exceed the cost of the original item. I am stuck with these glasses that do not match the description and are worthless I have lost £24.98. The only responses I got from the many emails I sent was to return the items to get a full refund of the cost of the glasses or keep the worthless glasses and accept only 30% refund (£6.60). Clearly a company that has no integrity to look after its customers, I informed them I would contact my many social media contacts and express my disappointment in their company and its service and encourage them to use an alternative service.
    Peter Edwards

    1. Hi I ordered the necklaces with the Angel wings 3 of them wouldn’t close properly and one of them there is gaps in between when closed. Not at all like the video on Facebook, I didn’t click on the shop now I googled urlife UK and ordered it from there. I sent an email and I’ve had 11 automated emails from them. 1 I had saying they would refund 5 but I had to send photos (which I did) no reply as to whether they had seen photos. Then I get another email to say they would send 1 replacement asking for my address, which I sent. Very Very poor customer service, never again will I order from this site!!

  6. I bought a multi – function gri nding machine food processor which I just received, I find it very expensive. I see other shop selling it cheaper and also free delivery from £29.99. Not happy about it

  7. What a con, worst product I have ever paid for. The customer service is absolutely rubbish. I will never buy anything off these sites ever again. Take my advice do not buy anything from this company. They appear to be an English company but or in China. If you are the agent for this company reading this you should be ashamed of your self. I am totally disgusted paying £26 for a rug that’s not worth £5…Facebook should vet these companies before letting them advertise.

  8. I bought two pairs of socks with toes and received three left and one right!
    Expensive but cheap and nasty. Cannot get a response from them to return.L

  9. Urlife impossible to contact slow delivery same goods less than half price on Amazon and other sites would not trust them or buy from them

  10. Wished I read these reviews I been scammed on the remote control cars for my grandson and now I cant get my money.. what should I do?

  11. Same experience for me. Took my money but my order hasn’t materialised and the only responses to enquiries are automatically generated online. Feels like I’ve fallen for a scam. Time to bombard their Facebook page with a few home truths!!

  12. Please can someone give me the UK address. I have lost £74 and spent £25 on postage back to China i have confirmation from Royal Mail they have been delivered back to China but no further forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I purchased their cable clips which took 3wks to arrive. No mention on ad they were based in China, if it had I would not have purchased from them, totally misleading….take them down fb.

  14. The item I ordered never arrived but they took my money and e-mails to this company remained unanswered, except for one automated reply. I wish I had read these reviews first. Will never deal with them again.

  15. There are hundreds of sites like this, either for gadgets or fashion items; many have been first registered in 2020. New ones pop up every day on FB or on FB marketplace. When scrutinised they are generally not traceable at all or can be traced back to China. There are often many many negative reports (just like those above).
    Another part of the scam is to use a Chinese ‘courier’ with tracking links available. These links go nowhere.
    I’m pretty certain that many of these ‘businesses’ are one and the same just with different names. The info in the menus is often identical.
    Take care – it’s better to use known and trusted UK companies, rather than these pop-up fly by nights.

  16. Still waiting to receive a graphics lightbox that was advertised on Facebook from this company. Impossible to get in contact with them – emails to their ‘Customer Service ‘ department are bounced back saying that you need to address it with the correct Reference number but doesn’t explain how to do it. I’m beginning to get the feeling I’ve been scammed – luckily only for 25 quid. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!

  17. I ordered the led lighted gloves ages ago they have taken my money no email to confirm nothing have emailed the address on the sight nothing from reading all the people that have been let down or stitched up I will be taking this further to get my 17 pounds back and would never order from this company again and I dont think any one else should im very disappointed in them

  18. I bought a Rose with a necklace inside it or I should have said a Rose with no necklace inside it. I have emailed them to no avail or reply, no contact telephone number/s. They claim to be a UK Company but the goods took weeks to come and when it did arrive had a clearly marked Chinese label. I have clearly been scammed what a fool am I. PLEASE READ THIS RESPNSE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  19. I would be inclined to report them to the web fraud policing unite. I bought a gift from them for a birthday 2 weeks ago. Just arrived today!! And guess what..!! They have sent me an empty box the bustards ..!!!!!!

  20. My first order with them was for a leather polish product. It took some considerable time to arrive, but when it did, it seemed to do the job ok (albeit that the instructions were in Chinese script !). I subsequently ordered what I thought was a hand-held battery -operated brush with three different brush heads. When it turned up, it was just the brush heads. I contacted them via their website to ask them to send me either the brush handle to fit the brushes, or, if that were not possible, a full set ( ie handle plus brush heads) and I would return the three replacement brushes. I confirmed that I would be happy to pay any extra cost if needed. I got one email reply asking for the order number, which I supplied, then nothing, further from them even though I have emailed them again. As your other reviewers say, there’s no UK address or phone number. Obviously a load of cowboys. Don’t trust them .

  21. Don’t use Urlife be very aware .they will take your money but won’t reply if you are not satisfied.you can’t trace them and you will throw your money away on poor quality. Do not buy from them. Has anybody found a way to contact them

  22. I ordered two ornaments from them on 26/10 they were damaged on arrival. I have contacted them 6/7 times regarding this with no joy. There is no
    telephone or address for this company obviously a scam. Gail McCreanor UK

  23. I bought the rose with heart necklace and I have emailed them with no response from them I have sent a scam report to Facebook. Confusing kicks in I ordered it through a company called sunsmile ltd and this so called company urlife emailed to confirm the order contacted PayPal and Facebook as these endorse the both of them now CANT contact PayPal other than through dispute txt message then nowt buyers beware SCAMMERS ALL THE WAY

  24. I bought a chain saw chain sharpener (13.99) which never arrived. After numerous emails to their customer services I eventually received in the post half of the item……
    I’ve held no reply to any other emails.
    Totally useless item and company.
    Would never buy anything from them again. A minus 10 out of 10😤😤

  25. They also seem to be using contact details of our company with similar name based in Ireland.
    We are the Financial Broker and have nothing to do with their “products”.
    We’re getting phone calls recently from people trying to claim their monies back for the faulty orders
    which I actually thought that there were scammers ringing but now I understand what is happening.
    Please be careful while shopping online.

  26. Like a number of reviewers, I ordered, what I thought was, a hand-held battery operated brush with three different brush heads. When my order turned up, it was just the brush heads. I contacted urlife via their website to ask them to send me either the brush handle to fit the brushes or, tell me how I could return the brush heads for a refund. I attached to my one of my emails, printed confirmation from my bank account of my transaction with urlife. My suggestion would be NEVER conduct business with this company. My latest email from urlife read:
    Sorry, According to the returning policy, the customer will be the one who pays for the return postage. Please kindly understand.Our company never accept parcels returned, therefore, you shall return it to our supplier.
    We will process full refund as soon as possible when we receive the items from you(You’d better leave a note with the email address or full order number in the package. Pls provide the tracking number after sending, so that we can check the package).Thank you for your kind understanding.
    Return address:
    No. 10 warehouse, 5th Building, Golden Lion Logistics Park
    huang shan Str. 99
    Southeast Development Zone
    215500 changshu
    jiangsu Province
    If the postage is too much for you, we do have another offer that you keep the item and we will refund 30% of the payment for you.
    Best regards,

  27. I talso reported to oo have bought from this company,set of furniture movers,promised 3-5 day delivery,3 weeks later,still waiting.Have exchanged e-mails with Charles?,think this is just automated name for british cuistomers but really ,just robotic ,repetitive messages saying order is on the way.I have ciontacted my bank as I used my credit card ,so hopefully may get my money back,have also rteportes to ACTION FRAUD

  28. Absolute scam site also lie about what they send you and it comes from China , went for can of waterproof spray received 50ml pump bottle also wood carving set received one small tool about size of a small drill . Stay well clear

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