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Urzan Aut {Sep} Check And Overview Latest Game Updates!

Are you a professional user of the Roblox game and searching out for details of Urzan Aut? Have a brief overview of it on this page.

Many youngsters of the Philippines and United States and youths of other nations are Roblox players. The developers make an update frequently in the Roblox game. What is the current most searched thing in the Roblox game? Well, get the knowledge below.

What is Urzan Aut? Is Urzan a character? All these questions might be in your mind if you are a professional robloxian gamer. Well, let’s clear out briefly here only that Urzan is a reaper in the Roblox game. We will talk about this concerned character in deep below. So do scroll down further!

Who Is Urzan?

Urzan is formerly recognized as hallow reaper/HReaper/ Hallow reaper. These are the different variants and varieties of the reaper. 

It’s said that Urzan helps to heal twice the health amount that common reaper may recover. The recovery amount is changed to ten HP for every second, making big health nerf regeneration for the reaper and Urzan Aut.

How Is Urzan Attained?

This is obtained via searching and using the reaper with the cosmic orb. The background music is the song’s cut version.

The full music version is currently disabled.


Name: Urzan

Part: Non-Canon

Stand user: N/A

Durability: 425

Different Passive and Its Description 

  •  Passive A: It gives 15% buffs to you if one is under 50% of health. It also supplies a 5% dmg boost along with a walk speed boost of ten percent
  • Passive B: The color which is in scythe will get changed with the color of the avatar’s torso; Urzan Aut further notes is cited beneath 
  • Passive C: After being damaged, one may recover ten health in a second
  • Passive D: Entire damage deal carries a critical rate of damage that is ×2 damage
  • Passive E: Each time one finishes someone along with E, one can gain a soul. One gets seventy-five extra health and a damage buff

These were a few names and descriptions of Passive which is shown in some sources about Urzan. But what is Aut Urzan? Well, let’s read it down.

About Urzan Aut 

We tried searching out this precise word over the internet and came to see that few YouTube videos results are showing up about Urzan in Aut Video streaming on YouTube.  

Additionally, we came to know about Urzan being a reaper in the Roblox game.


Well, at last, we are Winding up the presentation. The page had very little but every single knowledge is compiled up studying different sources. You might be more clear about it if you ask your friends about Urzan, who plays Roblox games.

However, you may watch out YouTube videos presenting Urzan in Aut.

That all about Urzan Aut!

Do you want to add up more details of Urzan in Aut? Then, share with us in the comments section given below.

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