Utah National Mask Code (Jan) Reveal the Facts


Utah National Mask Code (Jan) Reveal the Facts >> Do you want to know more about an alert going around in Utah about the color of your facemask? Read this news article that gives you complete information about this warning.

Are you a resident of Utah, United States

If yes, there is every possibility that you are baffled by an alert circulating about wearing a specific color of the facemask. This is to show your vaccination status against Coronavirus. No wonder this is creating a frenzy among the residents of Utah state. 

But is this alert real or just a rumor? And, most importantly, what is this alert called? It goes by the name Utah National Mask Code, and we will discover if it is for real or just a fake one.Let us read the news article to find out.

What is this code about?

This code first appeared as a flyer in the windows of some stores in St. George. It claims that the state of Utah has asked people to wear a specific color of masks to prove their immunization. It is now doing a rampant circulation on many social media platforms too.

According to this alert, the authorities in the state of Utah, United Statesask you to wear a specific color mask. All this to prove that you have got vaccination against Covid-19 or not.

But is it a false alarm or a real one? Let’s discover through the following sections of this news article.

Reviews on Utah National Mask Code:

The health officials in Utah have issued warnings that the color-coded masks on email or Flyers are not real. They are a hoax alert.

It is misleading information, as confirmed by the Utah Department of health.

One of the senior health officials is upset as this wrong information can be dangerous and harmful in the fight against the pandemic.The health officials have also tweeted that there are no restrictions on if someone wants to be vaccinated or not.There is no Utah National Mask Codeas such.Your choice of getting the vaccine is in no way related to lockdowns, your travel plans, your right to enter any business, or your right to vote.

Final verdict:

This fake flyer is creating an uproar among the people of Utah. Many are calling the real COVID-19 hotline to ascertain its authenticity. 

This is unfortunate because people who need real help during this pandemic wait for their turn over the hotline number.

To conclude our article on Utah National Mask Codewe say that it is a false alert. It is a rumor circulated by some miscreants who want to generate some buzz and get unwanted attention.Just ignore it if you receive it through a flyer or an email.We welcome you to post your comments if you have any information about this hoax alarm. It will save a lot of confusion during the time of this pandemic.

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