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Are you looking for an online store to have designer shoes at reasonable rates? If yes, you must have heard about Valuedshoes. Your presence over this web-page indicates that you were searching for reading some reviews posted by experts and customers. Well, this post will give you a conclusive idea of all such reviews and expert remarks over this online store.

What is

The is an online shop to sell the products at reasonable rates. You can visit the website to find the latest and eye-catching collections of clothes and footwear. You can find different deals; offers and discounts are provided to the customers frequently. New users of customers are also given discounts, which seems like a way to attract people to purchase items from the store.

Is a scam or legit?

It is an international online fashion store, and it is a website protected by SSL (https), which protects the visitors from middle man attackers and provides the encrypted channel. There is no suspicious code that can interrupt the service. It offers different products to wear following the ongoing latest trends. The products include jeans, sweaters, shoes, pumps& heels, sandals. domain registered since Oct 22, 2019. It delivers to The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada

You can reach the customer support at, which claims to revert to the customer’s mail within 24 hours. We visited the website and gone through the various collections available on their site.

In this competitive world, the business aims to make money only. These companies can do anything to make money, whether it is acceptable or not. It has become challenging to differentiate between reliable and unreliable companies. Every marketing company claims that their priority is customer’s satisfaction, but it is your responsibility to test and their loyalty and so that you do not suffer in any situation. 

About Return Policy of valuedshoes mentions the easy returns process on their website. But we must realize that no one says the dark side of their business. Beware of fraudulent and scams because they are the sour faces of the corporative sector. Return phase is also an essential aspect of sales because it increases the sale and trust of customers on the brand they are purchasing from. When a customer does not as the product received, they could opt for returns. Every online shop features this policy with their terms and conditions apply. Usually, the images uploaded on the websites have undergone many editing. So it is evident that the product that customer gets are somehow different than they viewed on the site. For this, return policy is very crucial because it assures the customer that they can take a chance by purchasing it online because they can return it if you don’t like the product or have any other issue related to that product.

The customer needs to contact support at for any issue regarding any

service issue. They can also raise the return query directly through their account on the website. The company has to make sure that the customers get smooth returns so that they face less trouble and leaves good feedback about the company.

Customers should read valued shoes website reviews written by those who experienced the purchase from that store. Generally, people go through feedbacks and reviews. It helps to judge the brand and the product quality along with the service which they provide. 

Can you trust

We always keep doubts in our minds that we should trust the online store or not. It increases doubt that the domain is just a few months ago. Building trust in customers takes a longer time than this. The domain’s life is expected to be short. The domain name is linked to various countries. If we calculate the trust, it scores very poorly. We got more negative feedbacks as compared to positive feedback.

Do before purchasing from an online store

  • Go through the website and read and analyze as much as you can. 
  • Search everything from different websites and various sources. 
  • Ask your friends and people you know and take their opinions about the company
  • Going through social media posts where people share their good or bad experiences about the product.

Final Verdict

After reading all the reviews, we must say that we all can find various ways to make money and run a business. Are people facing such scams fool, or are they just careless and ignore to give time in researching a brand name? People are busy balancing between their professional and personal life. They save their time, which is the invitation to stuck into a scam and fraudulent.

We have come across cases where people lost their money and felt deceived by this brand. They don’t even receive their product delivered. This is so heartbreaking to know that these types of online stores get a license for their business. Why are they not reported as a fraud who are running a scam, not a company? They don’t even respond to the emails of customers who were complaining about the product quality, the wrong item delivered, longer shipping duration is taken. What should a customer do in this case? Should they ignore that incident? If the customer ignores it, it would have been a big mistake. If you raise your voice against such scams, it will make it more accessible for others to decide if they want to purchase from this store. 

We have also read people mentioning in their valued shoes website reviews that they were charged more money for the return process, which costs them more than the price of the product, which is unethical in terms of business. Don’t make yourself stand in the row of people who are deceived. Be smart, and stay away from such scams. Only you can value your money and always protect your known ones from sticking into this scam. All the buyers shouldn’t give a chance to these cheats to make you fall into the trap. It is your responsibility to alert yourself and avoid reaching to fake brands who are just showing that they care about the customers and lying about their authenticity. Alert yourself and beware of fraudulent, which has the aim to snatch money from your pockets and increase their bank balance.

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