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Vampire Survivors Pentagram {March 2022} Weapon Details!

Gaming Tips Vampire Survivors Pentagram

Everything a player of vampire Survivors wants to know about Vampire Survivors Pentagram is present here.

This is an era of gaming and technology. So which is your favorite game? Do Vampires attracts you? Do you watch vampire series? Here in this article, the write-up will educate its readers about a Worldwide trending topic.

Vampires are an interesting concept, and all of us love to explore antique games based on actual life concepts. Vampires are scary and exciting at the same time in the digital industry. This article is mainly focused on the Vampire Survivors Pentagram.

Functions of Pentagram

It is an available weapon in the game, and we can say that this is a weapon that can be seen with Davain. If the player manages to stay as a single character for 20 minutes, then they will be able to get Pentagram. 

Pentagram creates a Ra Eyes symbol. It has a power of sudden appearance and vanishes all the enemies related to it along with other items if it is not in blue color. This sudden appearance depends on the luck of the player.

What is Vampire Survivors Molise? 

The vampire Survivors has many bonus stages Available within it, and if the players want to talk about Molise, then it is the first level that is counted as a bonus level. 

If the player wants to get to this stage, they are supposed to make the hyper-mode unlocked for three locations. At this stage, there is the risk of death for cracking this fifteen minutes of the game. 

Molise is also a southern Italy region. They both have the same names but have wholly different powers. Molise can help in upgrading the game.

When Vampire Survivors Pentagram Does Evolvs? 

The weapon of Pentagram is present in the game and can turn itself into a gorgeous and attractive moon with an item Crown passive in nature. 

Pentagram is not any ordinary weapon of the game, but it is an excellent quality weapon that can be earned when the player already has four or five great weapons. 

Players can get it from the game’s menu or the section of chest treasure present in-game. 


  • Name- Pentagram.  
  • Type-  Casual, 
  • Evolution- The Crown. 
  • Number of Levels- Eight Six.
  • The rarity of the game- Sixty. 
  • Vampire Survivors Molise- A bonus stage. 
  • Damages- Not Available. 
  • The number of the game- One. 
  • Timing of Levels- 90Seconds. 
  • Effects of the game- Mainly Cool down and luck of the players. 

At which Levels player can conquer weapon?

There are eight levels in the game, and players can conquer Pentagram weapons at the last levels which means the eight-level is reserved for Pentagram. 


After analyzing all the present data on the internet, all in all, what this write-up has to say is that Vampire Survivors is an outstanding game. The in-demand weapon of the game is Vampire Survivors Pentagram. This separate and distinct weapon has a different level of the fan base. 

If you haven’t searched about the vampire Survivors till now, then visit here to know. Moreover, you can let us know your favorite stage and weapon from the game by commenting below.

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