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Van Gogh Alive Adelaide (April 2021) Know The Details!

Van Gogh Alive Adelaide (April 2021) Know The Details! >> Want to be the part of mega event? Read the article to find all the information about this mega event.

Have you seen the Master Art Piece – Monalisa? Did it appeal to your senses? So this means that you are an art lover and you enjoy the classy pieces of art?

To all the admirers of art, Van Gogh Alive Adelaide is coming live to the world to make you witness the most multisensory art experience.

This whole masterpiece is the development and creation of an Australiabased company Grande Experiences.

Without delay, let’s witness such an art piece.

About van Gogh live:

The Van Gogh Alive experience will take you to another world of Dutch post-impressionist painter’s artwork. All the work like Sunflowers, Starry Night, and more than 3000 metaphors will be whirling, swaying, and presented to the public in an absolute new digital pattern. The show will be displayed on substantial big screens, pillars, ceiling, walls, and floor.

Van Gogh Alive Adelaide is a piece of beautiful, colorful, vibrant Artwork. The true admirers can witness this new Van Gogh technique and art style, which makes you stunning, and it is a never-before-seen masterpiece.

As a whole, this depicts a classical soundtrack that interprets the painter’s thoughts, emotions, feelings, and intentions.

This live exhibition will allow visitors to explore all the corners of the art and search the various perspectives that could be elaborated very finely in these paintings.

More about Van Gogh Alive Adelaide:

The Van Gogh Alive will be speculated in The Grand Pavilion specially made for such events. Australia-based designer Anna Cordingley designs the venue.

The venue has a vast capacity and has spread over 25,000 square-feet area. Space has been made to allow visitors to walk and roam over the place. The various paths will have detailed images of prominent masterpieces of art. They will be projected all around the area, turning it into a beautiful art gallery. 

There will be a devoted Sunflower infinity room and a hallway to project Van Gogh’s Starry Night’s excellent artwork.

Where and when the Van Gogh Alive Adelaide will take place?

This live masterpiece exhibition will take place in Australia in Adelaide. The event will be produced and hosted by a Melbourne-based company Grande Experiences.

The event was postponed last year due to the pandemic, and this year now it will open from June 24 till August 01.

Show timings are – Monday to Thursday – 10 am to 9 pm, Friday from 10 am to 10 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm.

The show duration is 60 minutes.

The address is Grand Pavilion, 88-O’Connell Street, North Adelaide, Australia.

The Ticket cost for an adult is 35$, a Child (5-12 years of age) from 20$, and a Child (from 13-17 years) 27$.

Further details, check – https://www.illuminateadelaide.com/events/van-gogh-alive-the-experience



The event Van Gogh Alive Adelaide is a must to witness by the people who admire the art and such events. This would make you sway into another world.

One can contact 1300-496-623 for more information.

Have you tried to book tickets for the event? Please let us know by mentioning it in the comment box below.

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