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Vancany top Reviews [July] How Is It Legit Or Scam?

Vancany top Reviews [July] How Is It Legit Or Scam? -> This article intends to offer you information about this online web page that provides different kinds of DIY decorative products.

Are you looking for a website that provides a wide range of products that will enhance the overall look of your home décor? If yes, then this online web page is an ideal one-stop solution for you. Here, you will find a wide range of objects that would go well with your home décor.

While looking at the Vancany top ReviewsI came across several elements and functionality of this website. This online web page seems to have to offer a lot of decorative and DIY products. The company is also into providing types of furniture, accessories, home entertainment setups, heating, garden furniture, etc. This company intends to provide attractive and eye-catching products that can change the look and feel of your sweet home.

The company claims to provide free home delivery to its customers and ensures that it is delivered to the customer at the right time. The website holds information about the company and offers assistance number and email id so that the customers can contact in case of any queries or concerns.

The products of this website are delivered across different small and big parts of the globe, which also includes the regions of the United States.

What is Vancany top?

It is an ecommerce web store that provides a wide range of furniture, DIY products, accessories, home décor, etc. The website has an easy user interface that further enhances the user experience of the customers.

Specifications of the Vancany top website

  • The website comes with some easy and seamless clickable options 
  • It has a dedicated category for the best selling products as well as for the special products
  • The website also offers an affiliate system along with a perk of around five percent
  • One can also keep track of the order history of the products
  • There are also gift certificate which helps to provide special discounts to its customers
  • You can drop a mail at vancany.sale@outlook.com in case of any queries
  • You can also call at +12563695004 to get answers to your questions or concerns
  • The physical office is situated at 1926, The South 67th Street, near the Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106

Pros of Buying Products from the Vancany top website:

  • The Vacancy Website comes with a secured link which helps the buyers experience a secured buying experience from this website
  • It comes with cart options and search bars that further adds to the functionality of the website
  • The company also claims to provide free shipping and returns on all the orders of this website
  • The website comes with an easy login and registration system within this website.

Cons of Buying Products from the Vancany top website:

  • The website does not come with a valid domain name such as .com, and it has a domain name known as .top which is quite suspicious as it questions the reliability of the website
  • The website comes with fake or unrealistic images and comes with few font and image issues as well
  • The links to the various online payment more are directed to the home page itself. Also, there are no external links to the social media pages in this online web page that can help understand the originality of this online web page.

Is Vancany top Website legit or not?

By summarizing the above information and weighing the pros and cons of Vacany, it is clear that this website does not seem legitimate in all sense. Certain factors question the website’s reliability and true validity.

What are people saying about the Vancany top website?

There are few reviews about this website; however, few pointers have been described above, which helps us understand that this website does not seem reliable. Also, concerns of no delivery, no return, no customer service has been raised.

Final Verdict

By analyzing the above information, it is somewhat clear that this website does not seem to be a legit one due to the various factors. This online web store has several products to offer to its customers at a good discounted cost.

But, this Vacancy online website seems to have a lot of factors that might raise a concern about the website, whether it is a legit one or not. Having concerns about the external link, the information, the fake images, the heavy discount, and the free shipping across the globe throws light of concern on the reliability of this website.

0 thoughts on “Vancany top Reviews [July] How Is It Legit Or Scam?

  1. They are not legit. Ordered never received a confirmation. Then sent me a bogus tracking number. Plus phone number is also bogus

    1. Thank you. I was about to place an order for a patio set. Very helpful. Going thru amazon

      1. I placed an order on July 8 2020 for an outside storage cabinet for 74.00$ I have yet to receive it . I placed it with Pay Pal and I am still trying to get my money back ??? I will never ever order from this COMPANY VANCANY again !!! I have read numerous articles that it’s a SCAM !! Can someone please help to shut them down ???? And to help me get my money back?

      1. Nope! I ordered something using my paypal account. I called PayPal and issued fraud report. Everyone seems to get masks – from Wuhan ,China!!

  2. I ordered a porch bench on June 8, 2020 and today on June 29, 2020 I received a pack of face masks from this company. They sent me a tracking number too and they made me think they were a real company. They are NOT legit. DO NOT ORDER from them. Trying to get my money back from PayPal now.

  3. Same thing happened to me. Ordered a porch swing, got charged on my PayPal but never received any email confirmation from the “seller” It’s been over two weeks and nothing so I made a claim with PayPal. Hopefully these scammers get what’s coming to them!

  4. Dishonest Company!!!!! Do not order!!!! No matter what you order, they send you dirty face masks and keep your money! I am out $157.00 and am contacting Better Business Bureau. Dishonest asian company!

    1. We are sorry for misleading but we are not owner of this company we can assist you to advised to visit the official website or customer care number if have any issue… thank you…

      1. Totally bogus site! I ordered a patio set , it never came instead I was given 5 masks from them !

      2. Ordered rocking chairs June 16th have not received. Tracking info ceased july 5th. Sent 3 emails to customer service with no reply. Phone number is not valid. Totally ripped off.

  5. I made an order on 7-4-2020 and needed to edit my order, but when I called the contact number provided 1-256-369-5004 it says it’s an incorrect number and it shows as an Alabama number not Nebraska. I also sent them an email on 7-5-2020 with no reply yet, will give a couple of days, and if no response will cancel my paypal amount.

  6. Please do not order from this company. I am disputing the charge with my bank now. I ordered a wine rack and received face masks from China. I emailed to ask where was my order and they told me it was shipped and to wait 15-25 days. Horrible company. It’s true to say, if it’s too good to be true then it must be a scam.

  7. Scam don’t order I been trying to get my money back tru my bank I order a gazebo they said 15 to 25 day bud it’s fake there number is out of service and the email the don’t answer you FAKE

  8. This is a scammer website. I ordered lawn chairs and received face masks instead. I filed a complaint with the federal trade bureau and better business burea.Hopefully heir site gets taking down. PayPal refunded me thankfully. Please report this website to the fiord federal trade bureau so it can be taken down. I am all about making changes to help other people.

  9. This place is fraudulent… I received face mask also…. I was supposed to receive a three piece table and chair set… Nope it didn’t happen…..

  10. This is a big scam website, please do not order. I ordered two benches and they sent me 5 stupid face masks. I am down with 125 dollars.

  11. Lou 7/8/2o It just happen to me purchase a rolling table the price was less than half off has not been charged on my credit card I am in contact with my credit card co.

  12. DO NOT order from this company. I didn’t do my research and like others, instead of getting the patio set I paid for I got a bag of face masks. This site is not legit.

  13. I was scammed too. Same as the rest of you. Ordered a hammock and got 5 facemasks. I’ve emailed back and forth with them. They offered a refund minus $7.00 for them having to pay shipping. Fortunately, purchased using PayPal……I’ll get my money back…..but hopefully this company gets blocked by PayPal and Credit Card companies soon so noone else can get scammed.

  14. Same thing happened to me, ordered patio set and got face masks too! Feeling gullible, I always order from Amazon, except this time. 😡 I Hope PayPal will help!

  15. Vancany and/or Turnnacy companies are a scam! I ordered a 14 FT hammock, and a month later I received 3 disposable masks! I had to file a dispute with my credit card company to get my money back. Do not order anything from this company!

  16. i ordered an outdoor swing set well over a month ago, on June 29, 2020 and i have yet to receive a tracking number or a response to my various emails. thsi website appears to be a scam. please do not order from them.

  17. OMG! I got scammed last month with a beach rental at Craigslist and now I got scammed by Vancancy!!!! I received the most expensive facemasks ever! 10 masks for 78 dollars which I paid for a patio storage bin!…. and PayPal won’t return your money because it’s a transaction you authorized! I’m not using Paypal anymore!

  18. They are FAKE!! DON’T buy from them!! I received seeds and face masks from China at date/time they claim to of delivered patio furniture! They charged my Credit Card though for sure!! Grrr

  19. This site vancany.top/ is definitely a SCAM site. I ordered two garden chairs with free shipping in June 2020 and I got a pack of white face mask about a month or so later. This is to show that they delivered something. I have since reported this web site and hope that they find a way to track this Chinese scam site and take it down.
    Also I hope Paypal stop payment to this site.

  20. Total scam, I just filed complaints with our Attorney Generals office and the Better Business Bureau in Nebraska. I ordered a Patio Storage bench only to receive face masks!

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