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Vanitt Site Reviews (July 2020)- Is It Legit?

Vanitt Site Reviews (July 2020)- Is It Legit? >> Read this if you want to buy custom name wall stickers online.

If you want to add some refreshing neon glow in the dark wall stickers to your room or your kid’s rooms. Then you must look up the Vanitt Site. 

Wall stickers, unlike wall paint, can come off without much trouble and can be done on your own without any professional help. Vanitt Site Reviews talks about an online store that offers stickers at affordable prices. These are especially perfect if you are afraid of the paint fumes hindering your child’s growth. 

The website provides a United States based company address, which is familiar with numerous scam sites. 

You will find So, Is Vanitt Site Legit or not; this information out as you read into this review of the website. Reading it will also help readers find out if they should make a purchase from the site or not. 

What is Vanitt Site?

The Vanitt Site is an online store that sells custom name wall stickers as well as your regular animal, star, hearts, and others. The selection seems to be perfect for kids, especially the glow in the dark star stickers! Don’t you agree? 

The layout seems incomplete, and the home page provides no information regarding what the website is about. It may take the customer some time to finally determine where they must visit to check out the collection. 

Also, the information provided, such as the little ‘great gift’ quote at the bottom of the page. It has a lot of grammatical errors and adding the July 2020 creation date. It raises red flags and will definitely make people question ‘Is Vanitt Site Legit?’

Specifications of Vanitt Site

  • Products- custom made wall stickers as well as stars, animals, etc 
  • Website- https://www.vanitt.site/
  • Email- support@vanitt.site
  • Phone number- (434) 825-5063
  • Shipping/processing time- 24 hours 
  • Delivery time- 7-10 days 
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned 
  • Return- free if made from USA address, shipping paid if outside USA
  • Exchange- mail query at support@vanitt.site
  • Refunds- will be processed within 1-2 business days 
  • Payment- can be done online 

Pros of Vanitt Site

  • The website provides worldwide delivery of its products 
  • They provide a phone number as well as email id 
  • The layout is minimal
  • The customers can make custom wallpaper stickers 
  • The site allows secure online to be made 
  • There is an SSL certificate present on the website 

Cons of Vanitt Site

  • International returns will require bearing the shipping 
  • The website seems incomplete 
  • The home page of the site shows no information on what it offers 
  • The site was created in July 2020 
  • A lot of the information on the website shows grammatical errors 
  • The address provided is that of a housing facility

Is Vanitt Site Legit?

Establishing a website’s legitimacy is always of top priority, so we know we aren’t putting our hard-earned money only to be scammed. In the case of Vanitt Site, it has an SSL certificate along with a padlock. You will notice this on the lock icon present next to the website URL. 

But it was created in July of 2020, which is never a good sign, and the quote present on the very bottom of the website shows grammatical errors. Furthermore, the site provides a fake address that is a residential property. There is also a possibility of the contact details being false. 

Such signs always point in the website’s direction providing false information to gain the trust of the customers and mislead them to earn money. 

What are the customers saying about the Vanitt Site?

This Vanitt Site Reviews will tell you that there is a complete lack of customer views regarding the site. The top reason has to be the fact that it was created not even a month ago. Since there an absence of social media as well, there is no way of finding any views regarding the site. 

The United States website has a layout that is currently incomplete, which could have made a lot of potential customers turn away from making purchases. 

Final Verdict– 

After analyzing the Vanitt Site, it is safe to assume that even though it provides the necessary information to ensure transparency with the customers. But the phone number has a Virginia area code, whereas the address provided belongs to the Kentucky area. 

It means the website was created with malicious intent in mind, and we do not recommend it. If you had made purchases from this site, then share your reviews of it with us! 

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