Website Reviews Reviews [Mar 2021] Trustworthy or a Hoax Reviews 2021 Reviews [Mar 2021] Trustworthy or a Hoax -> This article will provide you with some information regarding a website which is providing handcrafted jewellery items.

Do you love handcrafted jewellery items? Do you want to shop online for the most coveted jewellery items? If yes, this article would help you find a website that consists of various types of jewellery items that can adore your beauty more. Reviews will help you in finding a new destination for your jewellery shopping. People from the United States and Belgium admire this website for its beautiful collection of Jewellery items. 

If you want to know more about, stay tuned with us in this article. So, now let’s begin with the discussion of the main features of the website.

What is

Vaveluz is an online platform that provides handcrafted jewellery items to consumers at their fingertips. It delivers the items worldwide, which means it is a network for business is vast. 

In this article, Reviews will share more details about this website to you to be secured if any problem arises. 


  •      Type of Website: Online platform for reselling jewellery items. 
  • Domain Age: Less than four months.
  • SSL Certificate: It consists of an SSL Certificate, which is required for online payments.
  • Popularity: No ratings on Alexa.
  • Certification: It has HTTPS certification.

Pros of purchasing from

  • Consumers will get a variety of handcrafted jewellery items at one site.
  • It has a quality-based thing that the consumers can adore very well.
  • It is delivered all over the world.

Cons of purchasing from

  • The site is less than one year old; therefore, there is a suspicion about the site’s authenticity.
  • The products are expensive as it is handcrafted products.

Is Legit?

As per our research, this website is less than one year old. It has been created on 31st January 2021. So, to trust upon on such a young website is not easy. The register of this website is seen as private. 

The one thing which is right about this site is that it has HTTPS certification, which means it is encrypted. If the consumers enter any private details, they cannot be hacked due to this certification. Reviews found that it has a Zero traffic rating on Alexa, which means people do not approach this website often. 

According to, this website has a low trust rating. It hints towards the illegitimacy of the site.

The has its presence on social media platforms; therefore, with this factor, we can say that this site is legit because no illegal site will promote themselves on social media platforms where they need to contact consumers directly. 

After analysing all the factors, we can say that the site is very young, therefore, its legitimacy cannot be claimed completely. 

What are Reviews?

We conducted online research about this website, and the following are the results we got from this research.

Firstly, this site is very young, less than six months of age, so it becomes difficult to find anything about this site. 

Secondly, this site has HTTPS certification, which is a positive side of the site. It means that if consumers put any of their private information on this site, it will be encrypted.

Thirdly, this site is present on social media platforms with continuous updates; therefore, we can recommend that it be legit. On the other hand, we did not find any dubious webpage on this site that can claim that it is illegal. 

Thus, the answer to the question “Is Legit” seems to be in doubt. Interested consumers can check more factors before using this site.

Final Verdict: is an online site which is providing handcrafted jewellery items to consumers at their fingertips. As this is a new site that is less than four months of age, there are not many details about this site. 

However, after our research, it would be difficult to claim about its legitimacy as the site is very young.

Thus, Reviews would recommend consumers to have a look at this site properly, and then they can purchase products from it. People from Belgium and the United States would like this website more as it is providing handcrafted items. 

Have you ordered any item from this site? Do you feel anything suspicious about it? If yes, then you can share your valuable insights with us in the comment section below.

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