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Very Crate Foot Spa Reviews 2020 | Best Spa; Get 50% OFF

Very Crate Foot Spa Reviews 2020 | Best Spa; Get 50% OFF >> Read the posted review by expert to know more about this spa! You will have knowledge about its features, pros of using it and customer reviews about this spa. Along with all this, you can Get up to 50% off by placing an order as early as possible.

There are several websites available over the internet that sells products like jewellery, toys, wears, footwear, and many other products. But what if you want a product for your feet and you can do a spa at your home? Therefore we would like to introduce Verycrate.com; they have foot spa which helps to detox all kinds of bacteria and keep your feet healthy and smooth.

Verycrate.com is successfully delivered thousands of foot spa over the United States. All the customers are happy and commented positive Very crate foot spa reviews, and that is the reason that the company is giving Exclusive Offer 50% DISCOUNT. You can have the beautifully designed Very crate foot spa at a very nominal price.

Several websites are selling foot massager, but that are not able to work properly. They are not able to detox all the bacterial and fungal, but very crate foot spa not only detox all kinds of bacteria but also helps to keep your feet healthy, and smooth. It is no.1 detox device available on the market; it is the best detox device with the least price.

This article will cover all the information about the verycrate.com; there are lots of web posts related to Very crate foot spa reviews. Many consumers wanted to know about the feedback of a very crate foot spa.

What is Very crate foot spa?

It is a foot spa which you can buy from Very crate.com at a very reasonable price. You can save lots of money for the saloon because now you can take all the benefits of a costly spa showroom by sitting in your home. For that, you have to order Very crate foot spa, and you can take all the benefits of a spa and keep your feet clean and healthy.

Nowadays we are living in a busy world where mostly we avoid taking care of our feet. But we must keep our feet healthy and should not avoid taking care of it. There are several spas which take hefty charge for spa; they are like fooling people. So, now you don’t have to visit any spa and spent your hard money. You can order your own Very crate foot spa and a very low price and take the feet spa.

The spa is benefited for all ages; it will not harm your feet; you can take the spa anytime and anywhere. Very crate foot spa comes with a portable size, which is handy and can carry anywhere. It fits easily at any duffle bag; you can take yourself the foot spa if you are travelling. 

During travelling when your feet demand rest, you can give them spa, if you order it now, you will Get up to 50% OFF and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like the product, you can return it. The company is giving 30-day Money Back Guarantee so that you can be worry and can try the product. You will get a refund also if you ask. It will process within three to four days.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of Very crate foot spa)

Pros of Very crate foot spa

  • The company is giving 50% off if you order now only limited stock is available so you can order it now.
  • Verycrate.com is also giving 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • You can return the product if you don’t like it, you will get a full refund
  • Company is also running wheel of fortune by which you can also try your luck maybe you will get a massive discount with free shipping
  • It is effortless to use and clean detox with ease
  • It is portable in size and can be used by everyone
  • It eliminates pinworms, mucous and all types of bacteria
  • It helps to flush toxins heavy metals

Cons of Very crate foot spa

  • Limited stock availability, so you have to hurry to grab your Very crate foot spa
  • Delivery of the product may get a delay because of the current situation

Return and Exchange Policy

  • You can return the product if you don’t like the product within 30 days, but it should be in its original pack
  • Any tear or damage to the product will not be considered as the return; the company will not refund any amount
  • The delivery date may vary because of the current situation of the world
  • The cancellation of the product will only be considered if you cancel it before it is forwarded to deliver
  • Refund will be credited to the customer’s account number if any delay regarding the refund then you should contact your bank.
  • The company will only exchange the product if it is found damaged
  • The shipment charge at the time of exchange have to bear the customer only
  • You will not get a refund of parcel at the time of exchange

Customers review

42-years-old Kendrick says

I am a busy person and don’t get time to relax; I don’t have time for the saloon. But since when I received Very crate foot spa, I am very happy. Now my life is changed I can use it during TV time or when I am relaxing. It is portable in size and bought it at a very low price. It is the right quality product. I will recommend this product to everyone.

34-years-old Linda says

I am a working woman and hardly get time for myself after reaching home. I cook meals for my children. I was thinking of visiting a saloon for foot spa, but when I read about Very crate foot spa decided to order it. And now I have three Very crate foot spa, two Very crate foot spa I gifted to my family members. They are thrilled, and they also order five Very crate foot spa to donate.

51-year-old Melvin says

I am a retired person from my work, I started my business, and now I hardly get any time for myself. My so bought Very crate foot spa and daily in the evening time I use this product and give all pleasure to my foot.


Very crate foot spa is found very useful by most of the customers, and it helps a lot of customers to keep their feet healthy. You can also order it now and enjoy the spa at home.

0 thoughts on “Very Crate Foot Spa Reviews 2020 | Best Spa; Get 50% OFF

  1. You won’t get your refund this company is filled with liars. They will guarantee you a refund but you won’t see it. Best thing to do is report to the bbb

    1. My boyfriend ordered mine around the same time (sometime in mid March to April while we were in quarantine). It just arrived today. So, don’t lose hope. It does take awhile, but it will arrive.

    2. I should have read reviews too! Crap!!! I know better than that. Will try to get money back via my bank!

  2. I am quite ill and I’ve been waiting for my delivery for 12 days now. It is bad enough to take somebody’s money and not deliver what you promised, what we paid for, but you’re depriving people that I looking for relief from suffering and you let us wait, while you made no effort. Why would you do this to another human being????

      1. I placed my order on March 26th. I received notification saying it shipped on April 13, I have written a number of times and told to email I have done that 3 or 4 times and have received no response. I would never order from this company. They have no customer service virus or no virus I feel it would be the same thing.
        On their website it states you can get a refund but reading the review that doesn’t seem to be the case
        Very crate where is the people’s money.
        Very dissatisfied customer

  3. This place is a Scam!! Watch out…as soon as I purchased it they came off of Ebay…but my bank will handle it!!

  4. I’m calling my credit card company now because they say I ordered two units and they are on the way. Wrong…I ordered one unit and it hasn’t left CA yet. They charged my credit card on the 28 of March and said they shipped on the 13th. It has not moved since that date.

  5. I placed an order on 4/22 took my money and received no confirmation, have reached out to them several times. No response. Have reported them to a lawyer friend of mine and am reporting them to the BBB.

  6. I read all the reviews listed and I agree with every last one of them. This company is a scam. I ordered the merchandise on April 2 and on April 17 supposedly they shipped it out. I checked tracking and it is in Inglewood California since April 17. I have emailed them Continuously but all I get is automated responses saying it’s in Inglewood California to be turned over to US PS. Today is April 24 and it’s still there. I have called my bank so I can get a refund hopefully. I truly think this company is a sham. I am reporting this to the BBB. Also they do not provide a phone number and they never reply to the emails with a human it’s always automated and it’s never what you’re asking about. I have asked for a refund numerous times because of the fact that it hasn’t left California and I think it may be lost or I’m not sure what’s going on but no reply whatsoever.

    1. I contacted the USPS for tracking and a representative said they don’t have any package and to contact the shipper. I reported the company to ic3.com for internet fraud.

    2. Same here…now it’s June 2nd. There is a phone number, but they SAY everyone is working from home and will only reply to emails…yeah right, response with generic emails. Anyway, the number is 1-831-708-0084.

    3. I had the same experience. Stuck in Inglewood since April 29th, I finally received it today. Too tired to try it tonight but I’m off after tomorrow so we will see how it works!! Keep the faith.

      1. Most welcome here!” We are keen to want to know your response and experience here and happily will publish it.

  7. This is a straight up scam. I was genuinely looking forward to it this product …I worked with foot detoxes like this before in the workplace ; It is a legit product and It’s beneficial to the body, but this company is not real. I wish I could share this with potential buyers so this could be prevented. Lesson learned: Do my homework more!

    Karma is a real thing too:)

  8. I am having the same issue. Ordered 3/26 haven’t received and they keep avoiding my request for refund. I report them to the Federal Trade Commission and the BBB . This is a scam and I am going to be filing a police report.

  9. I wish I was privy to all this information beforehand cuz I certainly wouldn’t have ordered. Same thing sitting on a dock in California. They say it shipped but it certainly hasn’t. I’m from a USPS family of 32yrs and they say it’s a scam. Time for the law to get involved. Give me 5 minutes alone with this guy and I’ll get everyone’s refund back for them.

    1. Just got mine today. I don’t know exactly when my boyfriend ordered, but I know it took several months to get here. He was just about to give up and figured he had lost his money. I’m using it right now and the water is disgusting so it’s definitely working!

  10. I personally would LOVE to know if this thing works. I ordered one in March and they never sent it. They will not reply with any kind of resolution to my numerous emails and calls. I don’t care if Covid is happening. Dont take my money if you cant get this product from California to Utah in a reasonable amount of time. I have waited over a month and a half with no help from this company. I recommend finding a different company to patronize.

    I am reading the emails above and this is EXACTLY what is happening with me. My package shows it is in Inglewood, but hasn’t moved in over a month. I will also report them to the Fed Trad e Commission and the BBB and also to my credit card that was used to purchase this. It sounds like it may be a scam.

  11. I ordered the Very Crate foot bath on March 27th. I got a notice that it had shipped from California. It is now May 15th and I have not received the foot bath. I thought it might have been delayed due to the Covid 19 virus. Now I feel this company is not trustworthy . I will contact my bank to see what could be done. Probably a good idea to report them to the Federal Trade Commission and the BBB. Very disappointed in this company.

  12. I feel everyone of your comments. I wish I had seen this before I ordered. I ordered on 4-5 and on 5-13 it finally showed up. EXCEPT IT DOES NOT come with the foot tub! I emailed and emailed again because I had not received a response after 48 hours, only to be told that the pages state that the tub is not included. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why would you sell a foot spa and not include the basin. I went back and no where do I see that the tub is not included. I’m still trying to get a response as to how much the tub costs. I would really like to try this thing. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

  13. I’m having the exact same problem. This company is a scam. Still sitting in Inglewood CA. Just like everyone else’s product.

  14. Please say something I placed my order may 7th and I have not heard one word from you ..I want to what the problem is or kindly refund my money

  15. I ordered April 7 2020 it’s now may 30 I thought it was because of covid but if claimed to be in Inglewood over a months now I live in Hollywood not far from there that’s bullshit … no response through email yet and phones direct you to emailing them cuz of covid I was so excited for the product and had planned to buy more for all my household members -.-

  16. I wished I had seen the comments so I would have avoided the expenses and frustration of being charged and never receiving a much needed product. This company Very Crate should get their customer service department with a human and start delivering what they advertise. I am also going to report them to the BBB and am looking into getting my refund back. Extremely disappointed!!!

  17. Contact your credit card company and report fraud to get refund. They will continue to send you emails and just continue to delay. Only way to get money back from them. Reported bbb but they are not listed with them. Totally a scam

  18. Same here. I ordered the foot detox in April. According to tracking info, it’s sitting in Inglewood, CA since May 17th. I’ll follow and contact my credit card company, and BBB. It’s shameful.

  19. I had both my knees replaced. When reading the pamphlet it mentions steel plated joints and not to use the device. Wish this was posted when I bought it. I’m curious why I can’t use it? I guess if I can’t use it someone is going to get a very nice present lol.
    Hope you can answer this.

  20. Where is the tub? Other companies sell them with the tub included and for less? I thought the tub was included!

  21. Ordered mine in April still don’t have it , tired of this company using covid 19 as an excuse ! funny how I can order things from other companies and have my product in a few weeks or even a few days . They shouldn’t take your money until it ships

  22. It only took about a month to get. Seems fine to me. Just don’t know if my wife can use it with her metal ankle.

    1. You should go for helpline number for better use which is given in official website…thanks to being in touch…@@!!

  23. My order was placed in March and to-date (August 2020) I still have not received the full order. Very little response from the customer service. I would never order anything from this company again!

  24. How do I use this gadget ????????Where is the tub ??? how can you advertise a foot spa with no tub and get away with it ? I hate the fact that I as well as others were scammed . Highway robbery is all it is . So sad Very Crate ….Karma will get you

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