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Why Can You Rely on the Vevor Heat Press? Find the Answer in This Article!

Giving a custom t-shirt or bag is one of the best ways to make the recipient remember your gift for a lifetime. Unfortunately, ordering custom t-shirts or bags is sometimes not the best idea because you can’t spill all your ideas freely. At one time you may need to make your own custom t-shirt or bag and the best option for many people these days is to go with vinyl and iron-on design. However, a special press is capable of much more than ordinary iron.

There are many heat presses available in the market but from our little research, we can conclude that VEVOR heat presses are the best. Why? We will explain the reasons in the following paragraphs.

What is the VEVOR heat press?

Basically, it is a sublimation transfer machine that is compatible with a wide range of materials. With this machine, you have more latitude to make creative gifts for the people you love and respect. For those of you who are planning to create your own t-shirt brand, this sophisticated heat press machine is one of the main assets that you can rely on.

Once you unpack your VEVOR heat press machine, you will find all the parts pre-assembled. Overall, you’ll find the heat press and digital controllers safely tucked away in the secure polystyrene packaging. As for the handles, they haven’t been installed yet. You can mount them easily.

The user manual sheet will guide you from A to Z through various specifications, instructions, and solutions you can take if you ever run into a problem. After making sure everything is in the box, you can quickly take out the heat press, plug the power cord into the wall socket, and start operating the machine.


It measures 15”x15”, ensuring you have ample area to work with a variety of materials. The main heating plate is made of aluminum and has now been upgraded with the addition of a Teflon coating which allows for faster heat transfer.


When hot pressing, you should make sure the Silica-gel sponge pad rests on the bottom plate. Its function is as a sucker that transfers ink to the surface. The handles and knobs are located on the top and when you use the handles to lift the plate it opens with a clamshell mechanism. You can adjust the pressure by using the knob. Want to use digital controls? Don’t worry because you can operate it easily because it is installed in a vertical position. The ON/OFF button is attached to the side of the digital controls. Digital control ensures you are able to set the temperature precisely because each work material has different characteristics. For example, you may need to apply a higher temperature to a pure cotton material before it can successfully transfer ink to the material.

Accommodated temperature range reaches 232°C. A range that is very accommodating to a wide range of work materials. To enter the temperature setting mode you can directly press ‘TEMP’. After you have made your settings, you can exit the mode by pressing the same button. The temperature reading format can also be changed easily (Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

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How to know if the heating transfer process is running?

You just look at the LED at the bottom of the screen to know whether the workplate is heating up or not. You may need to wait a while for the plates to heat up to the level you previously set.

We have experimented with various work materials and found that this machine had no difficulty with them. The transferred temperature is accurate according to our thermometer even if there is a difference in temperature, it is only about 1 or 2 degrees. Not significant.

Overall the VEVOR heat press is the answer for those of you who yearn to make custom t-shirts and instead of being attached to fabric items, you can experiment with many other work materials.

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