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Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill Reviews (Jan 2022)


Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill Reviews (Jan 2022) >>Are you a fitness freak? In this article, you get information about a mini treadmill that is a boon for all fitness lovers.

Are you someone who is high on fitness but does not have the time to visit the gym regularly? Don’t worry; you are among many other people who have similar time or money constraints.Here is a revolutionary product, a one-time investment that promises to bring fitness to the comfort of your home. The name Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill is available on Amazon for delivery all across the world. It comes with The Mini Walk Treadmill Hand Rail, 2 Magnets, 2 Lubrication Oil (25 ml each), Wheels, Owner’s Manual, and Wrist Strap Control. People in North America, especially Canada, have already bought it. Let us find how happy they are with this fitness machine.Read the Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill Reviews that will explore this product through the following sections.

What is a Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill?

This mini treadmill by VibraFit has an intelligent infrared speed control that uses your body’s infrared induction to track your position and adjust the speed accordingly. The product comes with a super shock absorption system and comfortable hydraulic handrail. These features support and increase speed.For its users’ convenience, the handrail has an emergency stop function that one can pull down for the machine to stop completely.The sleek design of the treadmill comes with a ground clearance that ranges between 4.7 to 9 cm.An automatic feature also has the treadmill enter sleep mode when stopped for five minutes or more.

Before we find out if Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill is as worthy as it seems to be, let us learn more about the product. We will also find out Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill Reviewsby customers to get the most genuine picture of this treadmill.

Specifications of Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill:

  • Product- Mini walk treadmill with hydraulic handrail and remote control
  • Brand- VibraFit
  • Website-
  • Available at-
  • Cost- CAD 1,599
  • Body- Made of the aluminium alloy frame
  • Colour- Pink
  • Package dimensions- 150.5 x 73.5 x 14 cm
  • Weight- 33 kgs
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • Maximum power- 560W
  • Motor power- 0.75 HP brushless motor 
  • Battery- Not included
  • Maximum speed- 8 km/h when you lift the handle and 6 km/h when you fold the handle
  • Mode of payment- Online through credit cards and debit cards

All this makes the product look brilliant and contemporary. But hold your temptation to buy the treadmill till you read the final verdict of Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill Reviews.

Pros of Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill: 

  • A very compact treadmill
  • Comes with hydraulic handrail, two bottles of lubricant oil and storage magnets
  • Comes with remote control
  • The bar also has an emergency stop function
  • It has three stepping location zones that automatically adjust their speed according to your preference
  • 1-year limited warranty through the manufacturer

Cons of Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill: 

  • No promising customer reviews
  • The product is only available on amazon.
  • The product is a bit noisy.

Let us discover how this treadmill fares with customers.

Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill Reviews by customers:

Despite its avant-garde features, the treadmill has a 2.6-star rating on a scale of five on Among the six customer reviews available on Amazon, none of the customers appreciates this product. They are extremely dissatisfied with the treadmill.While some are irritated by its loud noise, even louder than the vacuum cleaner. Others are frustrated with its cheap quality. Almost everyone wants to return it.

Final verdict:

This item comes across as a great product if you read its product details. However, by reading its customer reviews, it paints an entirely different picture. Moreover, it is currently not available on Amazon.

To conclude the article, we suggest you not to buy this fitness machine. It is best to invest your time and money on a product that fares well with customers. It is a matter of your health, after all.

Hope our Vibra Fit Mini Walk Treadmill Reviews were helpful to you. Feel free to add to this article by posting your comments below. It will save potential customers from buying this treadmill.

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    1. I have the walker and find that I slip on it when walking, I also have found that the cord is to short. Also to book you get on Maintenance is useless does not show how to oil and the oil light stays on.

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