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Victshop.space Reviews [July] First Know if is it Legit?

Victshop.space Reviews [July] First Know if is it Legit? -> Here you will read about an online shopping platform claiming to sell branded coolers at low prices.

Are you looking for portable coolers for travelling at a justifiable price? The summer season is the liveliest of all, but it comes with scorching heat making it troublesome to travel. 

While travelling we always want portable coolers for our drinks and food, but these products are usually costly or with bad quality. There are famous brands like Yeti coolers, which are generally on the pricier side. 

But we have come across a site named as Victshop.space which says that it sells authorized Yeti coolers at a reasonable price. People from the United States want to know the authenticity of this website. 

The online sites have many scammers; hence, it is essential to be cautious. In Victshop.space Reviews, we will help you know everything regarding this site, including its legitimacy. So, keep on reading this article till the end. 

What is Victshop.space?

The site is an online shopping platform that sells portable coolers & mini-fridges for travel purposes. The products are of a famous brand Yeti, and the site is selling these products at a very low price. 

The website is new and is still growing. The site has different varieties of mini coolers, and they come in different colors and designs. The website has very few categories, and on its homepage, it shows home, cooler, my account, checkout, and order tracking. 

The company is also having free shipping limited to one person at a time. The homepage also shows various social pages link. Let’s move to the specifications.

Specifications of the Victshop.space:-

  • Website: It sells Yeti coolers at a reasonable price.
  • The website offers free shipping.
  • The mode of payment is via PayPal.
  • The website is SSL protected.
  • Order tracking is available.
  • The customer service is available at pukutsugo290@gmail.com.
  • The company’s address is 246 cedar streets Wellesley Massachusetts United States, 02471. 

The positive remarks of the Victshop.space:-

  • SSL protects the site.
  • The site offers great deals.
  • The company is providing free shipping.
  • The products have different varieties.
  • The product descriptions are good.

The negative remarks of the Victshop.space:-

  • The site has not provided enough information about itself.
  • The site has not many payment options.
  • The site is very young, only 12 days.
  • The social pages buttons are not working.
  • The site has very little traffic.
  • The website has maintenance issues.
  • The website uses the domain of space.

Is Victshop.space Legit?

The question is very valid, as the site is very new and claims to sell authorized products of the famous brand name Yeti. The site offers the products at a meager price, which seems suspicious. The website is very young, as it is only 12 days old. 

The Alexa traffic shows that it also has very little to no traffic. The site is not present on any social pages, even after claiming that it is available by showing the icons of the social page, which only reverts you to the homepage of the site. 

The website also does not have any customer reviews. Considering everything about this site, we can conclude that this website seems like a possible scam.

What are people saying about Victshop.space?

The website is very young; hence it does not showcase any customer reviews on its page, also there are no reviews available on the other platforms. 

The people have reviewed some things about this site stating that the site is not maintained well, and the orders are not received, some are claiming that they do not want to waste their money on this site. Hence, the rare reviews found very mostly negative.

Final Notes:-

The Victshop.space Reviews say that this site has excellent category products with different options. But the site has shown many scam signs, and there are rarely any positive signs. The website is not available on any social media page and claims to be, which a proper lie indeed.

The website is only 12 days old, which is another bad sign as the scam sites are usually young. The site’s domain is space, which is not trustworthy, and the prices are also unbelievable. 

In the end, this site does not seem legit, and we do not recommend our readers to make any purchases here.

Do leave your experiences below.

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