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Vida Mask Reviews [Jan 2021] Is It Scam or Not?

Vida Mask Reviews 2020

Vida Mask Reviews [Jan 2021] Is It Scam or Not? -> This review report explains you about Shop Vida Mask and its authenticity.

Looking for a one-stop online shop where you can purchase authentic masks? Visit Shop Vida.

Air quality is degrading every day with the increase in the number of pollutants in the atmosphere. Online stats suggest that 1 out of every 6 African American children has asthma. These respiratory issues can be curbed by proper filtration of particulate matter in the air. This is where the Shop Vida Masks come into the picture.

Shop Vida Mask Reviews say that the site is doing exceedingly well by venturing new artists and encouraging buyers to purchase fashionable PM 2.5 Masks online.

If you have been looking for online options to buy safety masks to fight the germs in the air, then we have news for you. Your search ends here!

The online store is performing well in the United States and the customers are all praises for the site.

Before you plan to order the Mask, we would recommend you to read the entire blog and decide accordingly if is Shop Vida Mask legit, or is it scamming its customers.

What is Shop Vida Mask?

Shop Vida Mask is an initiative of an online portal, Shop Vida, to provide a protective shield to the customers and enable them to fight the harmful pollutants in the air.

The protective Mask consists of 2 layers of 100% cotton and comes with a multi-layer PM 2.5 filter. This filter incorporates two layers of Melt-blown screen and one layer of Carbon Activated Fabric. Filters need replacement after every seven days.

Shop Vida not only provides customers with useful products but also guides artists to provide essential items to the world. It helps the site to stand out in the market clustered with innumerable other options.

Now, you might be wondering what is so unique about Shop Vida Mask. Let’s find out together.

Shop Vida Mask is a protective covering which is available with adjustable ear belts, thereby making it suitable for different sizes and face structures.

These masks also feature integrated metal nose-piece which ensures a snug fit and prevents fogging up the glasses.

These are designed in San Francisco, California and sold in the United States at a very affordable price along with discounted offers.

Are you worrying about the details of the product? Well, we are here to clarify all your doubts regarding the specifications, pros, cons, and customer feedback on the website.

Specifications of Shop Vida Mask:

  • High-quality masks with adjustable straps and integrated metal nose-piece
  • Multi-layered shielding filter
  • Made of 2 layers of 100% cotton which easily fits adults and kids of ages five and above
  • Re-usable after wash
  • Plenty of fashionable designs
  • Replacement of filter after every seven days is necessary
  • Email for customer support:
  • Contact number: (+1) 8775298432

Pros of Shop Vida Mask:

  • High-quality masks enable effective defence from the air pollutants
  • Comfortable to use due to nose-piece and modifiable straps
  • Soft fabric and convenient to wash
  • Unlike, in case of other masks, glasses do not get fogged up
  • Masks are available in abundance and at an affordable price
  • Excellent customer service

Cons of Shop Vida Mask:

  • These do not match the standards of N95/ surgical masks
  • Delivery may take longer than expected

Customer Reviews on Shop Vida Masks:

Many of the happy customers value the initiative taken up by this site and support it tremendously. They are satisfied with the incredible items and the genuineness of the site.

The inexpensive pricing of the mask is the best USP for customers. 

Some of the customers have complained about the late delivery, but they say that it was worth the wait.

Customers are delighted to witness the good-willing nature of website wherein it provides monetary help to WHO for underprivileged.

Final Verdict :

Shop Vida proves to be a legitimate site, thereby collaborating multiple vendors and providing them with an opportunity to grow with valuable supporting resources.

Fashion Times features an article to review the owner of this site and mentions the thoughtful ideology she puts behind every product that is brought into the life of the customers.

The site has a commendable social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, etc. which makes it easier for customers to build trust. The site also offers an affiliate program to increase the loyalty of customers and vendors towards the brand.

As a product, Shop Vida Mask guarantees pollutant-free breathing and secures your family from hazardous diseases. 

So, stop waiting and place an order now!

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  1. They say you can cancel within 24 hours. I tried to cancel my order within 30 minutes, and keep receiving only automated responses. I believe this is a scam.

  2. They keep changing the date of delivery. I have ms and need to go to dr. And need x Ray’s. They shouldn’t have promised them earlier, I wouldn’t have bought.

  3. I am impressed with the quality of my mask. The adjustable ear loops make all the difference in comfort compared with my other masks, and the moldable metal nose piece prevents fogging. Very happy with the purchase.

  4. They misrepresented product availability in a very deceptive manner. Now we’ll see how easy or difficult it is to get a refund. Will also contest credit card charge,p. Overall, a scam and for some reason, probably their marketing, I had thought they were made in the U.S.

  5. We bought from this company specifically because of an article, no doubt an advertisement, on Huffpost that said that they were available and would be delivered within 10-14 days after the order was made.

    They weren’t available, they’re made in China and have been stuck there because of COVID issues. The new delivery date is 1 day shy of a month since we purchased them and I have no reason to believe that delivery date. Scam.

  6. It’s been nearly one month since my order, which said that it would lake 10-12 days. I have contacted customer service twice and received no response. They do not let you post reviews on their site so all the positive reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. They are made in China and they started manufacturing in late April and did not consider the fact that there would be delays/restrictions to ship internationally. I have simply contacted customer service to inquire about a refund so i can buy masks somewhere else. They won’t respond because they don’t want to refund. I would say that the customer service element is unethical at best. Maybe I will receive my masks by mid-august. But by that time I will have to spend money with a more reliable company to get masks I can actually use. Do a little research on VIDA customer service before buying their masks. Don’t trust the positive reviews — I question whether vida employees are actually the ones writing those reviews.

  7. I’m still waiting for my masks. It has been well over a month since I ordered. I finally got an email saying they were shipped, but the tracker just says that they made a shipping label in California and were waiting for them to arrive there. Almost $60 down the drain as far as I’m concerned. 🙁

  8. I finally received my mask order, much longer then originally mentioned, but they did email me that they were refunding my shipping cost and gave me 30% off any new order. What I didn’t realize is that yes it’s made in China, but I assumed they had the items in stock, mine had to be “customer” made in China first, then shipped to the US they said caused a delay in receiving it. The day it came, I discovered a defect in the the liner, it had pulled away from the stitching and looked like it was shredded. I sent a request asking for a replacement, something they had already in stock so I didn’t have to wait forever again. Their response was as that it would take 25-35 days to get a replacement….this after waiting a week to even get a response. First, I think any replacement issue should be addressed immediately and waiting another month for a replacement is poor customer service. I responded back asked for a supervisor to review my request or could I get a refund. They emailed back right away that they were giving me a refund! Tried to put a review on their site, but can’t figure out how, yet the ones showing are all positive.

  9. I ordered a pair of masks on April 24 and received on the 29th an email tracking my order with expected shipping time between 15-20 days. May 5 I received a new email that due to the item being made and shipped from China, there would be a delay in receiving it, but they would refund my shipping cost and gave me 30% disc on a future VIDA item.

    I knew the item was made in China, what I didn’t realize is that they didn’t have it in stock already. My items were finally delivered on May 26th. When I opened the rose colored mask, the liner was not sewn correctly, it had pulled away from the stitching, so the fabric looked like it was shredded. I emailed VIDA immediately along with a picture of the mask. I requested a replacement and wanted anything they already in stock so that I didn’t have to wait for over a month for the same color/mask coming from China. I received a general email back a few days later that due to high number of emails, they would get back to me between 3-7 days. They got back to me on the 7th day and said I would have to wait between 25-35 days for a replacement. I emailed right back, given the circumstances that I had already waited over a month for my item, and that what I received was damaged, could a supervisor review my request to receive a replacement of something they already had in stock ASAP or could I get a refund. Their response came back immediately that they would refund my order. A few days later a email regarding my refund came, along with a 2nd email that my shipping charges also were refunded. A few days after that I checked my visa account and both refunds were showing.

    The one non damaged mask fits, even after hand washing it, the opening for the filter is small, you need to fold it to get it inside. VIDA needs to do a better job at addressing emails regarding issues of orders that have been shipped and we’re not correct. No one should have to wait a month to get a replacement for a defective item. One of the reasons I picked them to place an order was due to their donation of 10% and what I thought would be a short delivery time. I tried to place a review on their site and have no idea how those glowing reviews made it. I never could figure out how to write a review, which makes me wonder if what showing are fake. I wouldn’t order from this company again.

  10. Took over a month to receive, then when I tried it on it is one of the most uncomfortable mask I have tried. The supposed adjustable straps do not stay on my ears, the mask keeps falling off, and the straps have a plastic piece to adjust it which digs into the back of the ear. I do not even know if the supposed filter really is approved or does anything except make the mask more uncomfortable and awkward to keep in place. Waste of money – do not purchase.

  11. I ordered four masks. I got them SIX weeks later! Needed them sooner, however, I am actually happy with the quality of them. NOTE they are quite SMALL. My husband is a big guy and the masks don’t fit him. So I am wearing them myself and had to order others for him.

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