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Videoglancer .Com {Oct} YouTube Video To PDF Converter!

The article discusses and tries to find out the legitimate part of Videoglancer .com and gives the formal report on the website

Do you want to convert the “YouTube” video into “PDF” form? Are you really excited to know how it could be possible? Yes, it is possible. A website claims that its system can convert a YouTube video into a PDF one.

Recently, many users in India have been using this platform. These users are excited and enthusiastic about the whole process. But many people don’t know about the whereabouts of the website. The article will clear their issues and will discuss – Videoglancer .com

What Do You Except from the Website? 

We need to understand the service protocol of the website. As per the claim of the website, it is offering the service to transfer the YouTube video into PDF form. The website can capture the YouTube video automatically. 

You just need to take the copy link of the YouTube video and paste it into the capture bar on the official website. After this, you need to click the “Start Capture” button. Then it will take a few minutes, and the file will be converted into a PDF. 

Videoglancer .com – Other Features

When your YouTube link converts, the website will show you the “Take this down” option. It means your file is completely restored. Now the users can see a “Download PDF File” option. You can simply click on the opportunity and download the file into the PDF file. 

We have practically done the examination. And we found out, yes, the YouTube link is transformed into PDF form. We also check the rate or price. But on the official webpage, there is nothing about the speed or cost. We suppose that the service is free. 

Videoglancer .com – Other Elementary Issue

But we need to check the legitimacy of the website. It is essential to understand a website. We first try to get its validated information from a trusted internet link.  But the platform says Videoglancer is not registered. We cannot know its scores like- Phishing, Spam, or Malware score. 

After this examination, we found another link. But we don’t find a good review about the website. The trust score is negative only 35 out of 100. The owner’s name was hidden while we searched on the “WHOIS” platform. We don’t get any legitimacy from Videoglancer .com

Why is the Website Getting Popularity? 

There are many reasons behind it. The website offers services and converts the YouTube link into PDF format. It helps millions of people. And the service is absolutely free. For this reason, many people are using this website. But besides this, thousands of user’s are concerned about its legitimacy. 

The Final Thought

Per the website research, we have checked the domain creation date. The website was launched on 22 June 2021. That means the website is 13 months old. The expiry date of the website is 22 June 2023. It means Videoglancer .com will be expired within one year.

We have accumulated the validated data, and as per our search result, the website is missing many essential factors. But besides this, you can also know the facts via this link. Did you use the Videoglancer? Comment Please. 

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