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Vinzom Reviews [July] First Know its Legitimacy Here!

Vinzom Reviews [July] First Know its Legitimacy Here! -> In this article, you get to know about an online store offering stylish home decor and outdoor equipment.

Are you always searching for stylish home décor and accessories to light up your apartment? Check out vinzom.com

Elegant yet sturdy furniture not just makes our home look pretty. If arranged in a well-thought-out manner, it can be a representation of our personality and preferences. Intricate pieces of furniture turn our living spaces into a soothing sanctuary and emit a positive radiance that feels fulfilling. 

You may have observed a rise in the number of online stores coming up with innovative pieces of home equipment and décor. However, you need to make an informed choice while choosing an online platform before investing in the products you need for your home.

So today, you will read Vinzom Reviews, which is an online store that has recently begun in the United StatesYou will also get to know Is Vinzom Legit. Hence you will be able to make a better decision regarding the store.

What is vinzom.com?

It is an online webstore that offers a wide variety of home décor and outdoor equipment at reasonable prices. It also offers kitchen essentials in a variety of designs and colors.

All the products on the site have been classified into Furniture, Health and beauty, Home décor, Kitchen storage, and Outdoor.

It also has a free newsletter subscription you can make use of if you want to know more about their upcoming products, deals, and discounts offered by them.


  • Website type: Online store offering home décor and outdoor equipment. https://www.vinzom.com/
  • Email: admin@vinzom.com 
  • Processing time: 2-3 business days
  • Exchange: Not applicable 
  • Delivery time: 3-5 business days
  • Return: Applicable 
  • Refund: Applicable 
  • Cancellation of order: Not mentioned 
  • Contact number: 803-725-9525
  • Address: SC 29020, 1142 Broaden St Camden, United States

Pros of buying products from vinzom.com

  • A vast selection of products related to home and outside décor is available.
  • All products offered at affordable prices.
  • The site provides free door-to-door delivery on orders $30.
  • The site is currently offering free shipping over $30.
  • Several payment options through cards.

Cons of buying products from vinzom.com

  • No customer feedback anywhere on the products on the site and the internet.
  • The site displays false social media accounts on its pages.
  • The COD option cannot be availed.

Is Vinzom Legit

We can’t proclaim vinzom as a legit site. The most glaring reason for it is that the most important page that gives customers information about the primary purpose of the site and who is behind it is missing. There is no ‘About us’ page on the site. It dramatically lowers its credibility in our eyes as well as in the eyes of the customers. 

There are no customer reviews inside the site or elsewhere on the internet. It shows that the majority of the people have not tested the products of the site. In the absence of any reviews, we do not get to know how the vast range of products displayed on the site are performing well or not. 

Another thing that does not make it a credible place to shop from is the non-functioning social media links they have given on the home page. The site’s ‘Health and beauty’ section does not show any products at all. It goes on to show that the site has not been adequately updated.

What are people saying about vinzom.com?

As already mentioned, there is no customer reviews whatsoever and non-existential traffic on the website. So we cannot get an idea about what the opinion of people are on its products. Elsewhere on the internet, too, its products are not mentioned by any customer. Nor does any site gives any reference to it.

Hence, we remain clueless about the opinion of people on vinzom and its products.

Final verdict

We would conclude by not recommending you this site as a safe place to purchase home décor and related products. As already mentioned before, we make this statement in light of the various loopholes that we encountered while scrutinizing this site. 

The foremost among them is the absence of any information regarding the owner or the people behind its creation. Lack of Vinzom Reviews makes it even harder for us to gauge if their products stand up to what they claim to be.

 Lack of social media presence is another significant drawback. But they have gone a step ahead and put faulty social media links on their pages. Hence, this site is not legitimate, and you should not trust it.

0 thoughts on “Vinzom Reviews [July] First Know its Legitimacy Here!

  1. I ordered a product several days ago and I have been unable to reach anyone via phone numbers listed on the website.

    1. They are scammers! I placed my order on July 3, 2020 and never received a shipping confirmation. I sent them an email and no response. I called several telephone numbers and one was out of service, #2 no one answered and #3 which was given to me by my credit card provider was incorrect. I filed a dispute with my CC provider and now waiting for them to investigate and hopefully credit my account for the amount I paid. Good luck!!!

  2. Do not order from Vinzom, I have a dispute in as I did order and never got confirmation email and no answer to my messsges and no working phone number

    1. This is my situation exactly right now!!! I was searching Target’s site for a specific item and somehow wound up on their site but didn’t pay close enough attention before placing the order. Cleared my account right away, but no communication from tue company at all and none of their contact info works! So I will need to fight this through my bank? It was just a $17 purchase so it is tempting to just let it go, but it’s just the principle of the thing!!!

  3. I also placed an order for which I did not receive a confirmation email. That raised suspicion, so I called the 1(917)722-7425 listed on the site. The number is not in service. The 803-725-9525 number also listed just rings and rings with no recording or prompts. The transaction on my credit card statement says AJMadison Catering. Dispute filed with my bank. This appears to be a fraudulent site. I believe I accessed it through Target.com which is why I thought it was credible and placed the order.

    1. I was going to place an order today. I sent an email to ‘support@vinsom’ and it bounced back.
      Thanks for these comments, saved me a disappointing experience.

  4. I also ordered something last week and didn’t receive it. They did however charged my credit card. I will call my credit card tomorrow and try to sort it out. Definitely fake site. I tried calling many times and nothing. This site is fake and the ya the scamming everyone.

  5. I did not receive a confirmation email. I was unable to contact anyone by phone. Disputing with my cc

  6. Scammers. Same story as others. Ordered July 1 and still haven’t received products. Emailed but no response; called but not a valid working phone number. I have reported as fraud to my Visa Card. The charge on my VISA came across as BOZUS . And when I satellite view on Google maps, it is an empty space on a street, not even a building !! Scammers! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!

  7. Also placed an order and thought it was odd I never received an order confirmation several hours later, checked card activity and the charge came up as “HDOGC THE COLONY TX.” Went back to the site and searched for my order, got an error message, tried sending a message, also got an error. So I decided to try the 917 number listed…not in service; tried the 803 number listed, this rang until it disconnected!!! That’s when I stared exploring the site and noticed that almost every item in each category were almost equally priced despite stark differences in description, odd. Also came across the comments describing having a very similar experience as mine. At this point I realize no doubt this website is a FRAUD, called the bank and had my card reissued and had the charge intercepted…. be VERY AWARE of this SCAM website!!!

  8. I too placed an order with this company after doing a search for a swim lounge chair float. I never received a confirmation and my card was charged to vinzom.com I called my cc to address a scam and file a complaint.
    the phone number listed is not a viable number. 1-917-722-7425

  9. I also placed an order and never received a confirmation. Phone number listed is not a viable number 1-917-722-7425
    Notified cc to file a complaint of being scammed.

  10. THE SAME WITH ME! I didn’t pay close attention and ordered on 07/09/20 and still have not received the product. I to, called the numbers and had the exact same results. My bank is now investigation. IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND HAVE NOT ORDERED PLEASE DON’T!

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