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Volajoys Reviews [Dec] How Is It Legit Or Scam?

Volajoys Reviews 2020

Volajoys Reviews [Dec] How Is It Legit Or Scam? -> Can you fill your wardrobe with the most fantastic and iconic collection of women’s footwear shown on this website? Read the article and get clarification.

Are you the one who is always passionate about every part of your outfit? Didn’t find the right place to get your shoes from? The answer to all your questions is only volajoys.

This website is ready two bring fashionista in every girl by offering them the modest footwear ever and just covering a large market in Canada, United States.

We are going to open all the doors to this website by answering every question which is triggering your mind, like Volajoys Reviews, is it legit or not, etc.

What is Volajoys?

It is and online shopping center which proffers you all the trending, modest Foot wheels in the town. This website is specifically focused on the exclusive collection for women.

This website offers you the most affordable stock of sandals, boots, sneakers, etc. It works to provide the most Rausing, Chi Fashion shoes.

It aims to provide to the affordable stock of sneakers, sandals, etc. It personally looks over the quality of the product it gives away.

I know this has made you more intrigue about the website. So let’s read more about Volajoys Reviews.

Specifications of the website

  • URL:
  • Contact details of the
  • Category of products it deals in: it deals exclusively in women’s footwear
  • Address of the company: no address is provided
  • Availability of the store: Facebook
  • Return policy availability: it gives you the 50 days return and refund policy option
  • Payment option offered: online payment is only available.

Pros of the website

  • It styles your wardrobe with the most unique and Fashionable foot viewers.
  • It makes the customers to exercise the 50 days return and refund policy offered by the website.

Cons of the website

  • Customers find no Volajoys Reviews, which makes the site dubious.
  • The website is fresh new, which makes it’s plausible to trust.
  • The website only focuses on online payment options; there is no option for cash on delivery, which may be risky.
  • The content presented on the website seems all fake and copied.
  • The website provides no contact information of the company for the customers.
  • The website gives zero details about the company’s address, which makes it difficult for the customers to reach the store in case of any grievances.

Is Volajoys Legit?

The website is fresh and new in the market. Yet has only completed two months of Bing trading, making it dubious and suspicious to trust.

The website does not hold—important information regarding the address of the company, contact details of the company.

Even the discounts and deals offered by the company are also unreasonable for a new and fresh Company.

We can clean the site neither as legit nor as a scam. Instead, we will advise you to be very careful wine opting for the site.

What are Volajoys Reviews?

Since the website is fresh and new, we hardly get any review about the site. Though studies are a very significant part as they help to direct the new customer.

People find the information and content presented on the website page as fake and unreal. They are not satisfied as any contact details and address of the companies mentioned. Even the customers doubt the websites’ discounts and offer as they seem to be so unreasonable.

So, after all, research, we found that customers are advising not to buy the product from this website as it is dubious and not safe.

Final verdict

Now we are in a position to answer your most asked question, Is Volajoys Legit? So we would say it is neither legit nor a scam.

This website proclaims to provide you with the most fashionable Anne modest foot views. It also offers you tremendous discounts and deals, which is suspicious on behalf of a new site.

Even the content presented on the website page is copied, and the domain age is not more than two months, which itself makes it an unhealthy platform to make purchases. Even though the website is doing well in the countries like Canada, United States, however in the absence of any Volajoys Reviews, we ask you not to choose the website for your buying as it may kill your hard-earned money.

We sum up our discussion by saying to be extra cautious while connecting to this site as it may be precarious. Do not forget to pen down your experience in the comments section below as it may help others.

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  1. I ordered boots from this website back in early December of 2020, and it’s February 2012 and still have yet to receive my boots. I emailed the email address given twice and never got a response. My personal opinion is this is a fake site and whoever comes across it DO NOT ORDER FROM IT! You may end up loosing your money like I did and have no product in hand to show for it !

  2. I ordered from this site (volajoys) and both pairs of boots I got looked nothing like the pictures on the website. The quality was awful and when I tried to return them for a refund they refused to let me return them and continued to offer me a small percentage of my money back and that I could keep the items. I’m still fighting with them to get my money back

  3. I’ve been waiting for over a month for the boots i ordered, can’t even track it with the shipment info given. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. I’ve requested a refund multiple times with no answer back.

  4. I bought a pair of sandals 2 months ago. They were posted from Auckland NZ. They sent me the wrong size, so I asked for an exchange. I had to agree to their shipping policy.
    Turns out I have to pay for the shipping of item from New Zealand to their China warehouse PLUS for the correct size to be sent from China to NZ!
    I was asked if I could give the sandals away as a present & was offered 10% discount on a new order for the correct size .
    Shocking customer service!
    Want to place negative feedback & warning on FB , but not sure how to. Any suggestion?

  5. I emailed them when I hadn’t received the shoes I ordered after a month. They were posted from China. They responded fairly promptly and then the shoes showed up two days later with an address label from New Hampshire. The shoes all looked like the pictures but the sizing was not consistent at all and two of my three pairs didn’t fit right. Their website claims a full refund but that the customer has to pay the return shipping if it’s a sizing issue and not a product defect. While it seemed unfair, especially because I ordered my normal size and their shoes were all over the place, I emailed them saying I wanted a refund for the two and that I knew I’d have to pay to send them back. They said the return to China would be $40 so they offered for me to keep them and get a discount. Now they’re offering a 20% discount. It feels low but at this point I don’t see another option and I’ll either have to give the other shoes away or try to correctly size them and sell them myself. I would say for all of this hassle and lack of customer service that you would get from another online shoe retailer, that this is NOT WORTH ORDERING FROM. I’m trying to figure out more avenues to leave reviews and will post again if I find any.

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