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Votefordonaltrump Com {Oct} An Information For Help!

Votefordonaltrump Com {Oct} An Information For Help! -> Here, we have talked about an online site, where the post of Donald Trump gets to publish.

We all know that elections are going to be held in the United States. Therefore, here we are going to talk about VoteforDonaldTrump.com, which is an online site that gives us all the information about the deeds of Donald Trump. There are a lot of people in the United States, who got themselves registered on this portal. 

So, here with the help of this article, we are going to give you relevant information.

Donald Trump Has Hidden His Tax Return Report

As per the analysis, we found that Trump has hidden its tax report from the past four years. He said that it is under review. Therefore he failed to give the valid details. 

Donald Trump Pulled Down US Troops Of Syria

Donald Trump has betrayed Kurdish Allies and has given rise to bipartisan criticism. Jim Mattis has given the resignation from the post and said that he wouldn’t be able to execute the Trump’s Policies. 

Donald Trump Had Demanded Loyalty from FBI Director

According to the VoteforDonaldTrump.com, Donald Trump has demanded loyalty from the FBI Director, whose name is James Comey. He has compared his behaviour with that of the mob boss. 

Donald Trump Has Appointed Betsy DeVos As Education Secretary

Donald Trump has asked Betsy DeVos to become education secretary. According to a few people, the decision was not right, as she does not have any experience in this field. She has cut down billions of funds and has emphasized class size reduction and has down after school programmes. 

She has directed all the funds to private schools, where everyone knew that around 90% of students study in public school.

Usage Of Taxpayers Money To Pay At Trump’s Resort 

After thorough analysis, we found that the taxpayer’s money was being used to pay for the business of Donald Trump. After checking it was found that, the federal government of the USA has a massive sum of 1092 dollars for the Mar-a-Lago resort two-day stay. 

Bars EPA Employee From Posting On Social Media Platform 

According to the VoteforDonaldTrump.com, Donald Trump has silenced EPA Employees from speaking or putting down posts on social media platforms about his work. 

Donald Trump Hired Criminal Campaign Manager

Donald Trump has hired Paul Manafort, who is a corrupt campaign manager who has been convicted of bank fraud, tax fraud, and he failed to reveal any information about foreign bank accounts. He had even the false information regarding the meeting with a Russian intelligence asset. 

Migrant Children Suffered From Mental Health Issues And Post Traumatic Stress

There were thousands of migrant children who were separated from their parents and were kept in the detention facilities. Due to this, they had to suffer a lot as they have faced mental stress and post-traumatic issues. 

Final Verdict

Here, we have discussed VoteforDonaldTrump.com, where various articles regarding the work of Donald Trump has been published. The site was launched to increase awareness among people in the United States regarding Donald Trump. 

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