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Votelikea Beast com {August} Read to Know the Story!

Votelikea Beast com

Votelikea Beast com {August} Read to Know the Story! >> Read this article to find out what the Votelikea Beast com initiative and who created it.  

Are you an ardent follower of the YouTube entertainers Rhett and Link? Then you may have come across their voting awareness initiative.

Their initiative is called the Votelikea Beast com and its website that wishes to make sure the citizens know that they should remember to vote this year. 

The presidential elections are to be held in the United States this year, and given the pandemic, the initiative thought to educate the people more.

What is the Votelikea Beast com?

Vote like a beast is an awareness platform that brings to light information about the presidential candidates, how to vote by mail, and how the voting will direct where the tax payer’s money will be invested.

The makers Rhett and Link run an entertainment and lifestyle brand as well as a YouTube channel. They, through this website, want to encourage the youth to be more conscious.

The Votelikea Beast com also offers people to buy t-shirts, pins, patches, and stickers to support the elections. Why is it important to do so?

To ensure a candidate that has the best interests in mind of citizens in mind governs it.

Specifications of Votelikea Beast com:

  • It was created a month ago
  • It is an awareness website that provides information about the 20th of November elections to be held in the United States.
  • People can check their voter status and even register to vote
  • Information regarding the presidential and congressional candidates available
  • They tell you how to build your ballot box in the United States 
  • There is also information regarding how to vote via mail
  • You can find your polling place using the site

How does the Votelikea Beast com work? 

Profits made by Votelikea Beast com will go to a non-profit organization. 

The Vote’s primary role, like a Beast site, is to provide information, so all you have to click on the icons you see.

So, for example, you want to ‘understand your rights’ then you click on the icon. You will be redirected to a new tab where all necessary information will be listed.

Apart from this, you can also purchase Vote Like a Beast merch in support of the elections. 

What are people’s thoughts on the Votelikea Beast com?

People following Rhett and Link on their official social media pages commented on their Votelikea Beast com post that their initiative makes the followers proud.

Their followers comment about the importance of voting and having the facts regarding the candidates right because the news and media is putting forth biased opinions.


Even though the Votelikea Beast com was created only a month ago, it garnered a lot of positive feedback. 

It was because the website provides all the necessary information a voter must be aware of when it comes to their rights and what the candidate they may choose will be doing. 

An unbiased and thoughtful presentation is ensured, so people of the United States must check it out. 

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