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WA Mask Rules (Feb) Gist Of All Essentials To Follow!

WA Mask Rules (Feb) Gist Of All Essentials To Follow! >> This article details the new Mask Rules presented to the Australian Citizens for Perth, Peel, and southwest regions.

The State Government has revealed WA new set of WA Mask Rules for people living in Perth, Peel, and Australia‘s southwest regions. The new direction signed by WA Police Commissioner mandates the people to wear a mask every time they are outside or using public transport. 

The order comes under the vague of ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and as measures to safeguard the health of the public.

Are you looking for a piece of detailed information on what are the recent changes in the rules? Well, then please continue to read the article till the end.

What are the New WA Mask Rules?

With the ongoing Pandemic, the WA State Government has released a new set of Mask rules. These rules are on people wearing the mask when outside home and while using public transport

The new rules were signed by the WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson, who stressed in his report the compulsion to don a mask every time they are outside. However, individuals don’t need to wear a mask when using the private vehicle to the only occupant. 

Besides, some leeway will be given to people living in West Australia when covering the face.

A Glimpse of the New Rules

Below we are presenting a glimpse of the WA Mask Rules, which are as follows:

  • A healthy citizen must not share their masks with others.
  • Scarves and bandannas are unsuitable for use.
  • Users must tie either a scarf or a bandanna around their face when visiting a warehouse or a chemist while buying a mask, stated by Police Commissioner Chris Dawson.

What are the exceptions to the rules?

Besides the set rules, there are only some exceptions to the mandatory mask rules. Herein, we have presented a glimpse of all the WA Mask Rules, which are as follows:

  • For children under the age of 12
  • Individuals who are having physical or mental illness or disability that makes it unsuitable for wearing a mask.
  • Those involved in lecturing, teaching, or broadcasting
  • Sole occupancy of a private vehicle
  • While swimming
  • When eating, drinking, or having medicine
  • When asked to remove mask for identity purpose
  • If the individual is a prisoner or detainee in prison
  • Besides, when communicating with persons who are deaf or visibility of mouth is essential for communicating.
  • When covering causes risk to their health or safety
  • Individuals who are undergoing medical care or treatment.

Conclusion – Safety First

WA Mask Rules released by the state government for Australian citizens are mandatory to ensure complete safety considering the ongoing Pandemic. 

With this, covering the face when using public transport or moving in public is compulsory. Besides, there are few exceptions for individuals with medical conditions and disabilities wherein visibility of mouth is necessary for communication.

So, what are your opinion of the recent WA rules for a mask? Why not share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

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