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Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam {Oct} Read

Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam {Oct} Read >> Waldrup V Countrywide Lawsuit & settlement checks, read news here for details on settlement.

Do you want to know about some interesting facts regarding the Waldrup V settlement checks scam? Do you wish to understand how the settlement takes place? Well, in this article you will get all details regarding it.

There are a lot of issues and a lot of settlements made regarding several things. In this settlement, all the class members receive a percentage of the loan application’s appraisal fees.

Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam helps to know about the condition of settlement. There are different settlements terns that the users need to understand.

Also, the United States people should be aware of the appraisals and the eligible members for the settlement.

What is Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam?

After going through all the benefits, possibilities related to success and failure, parties of the Plaintiffs and the defendants agreed on the proposed settlement.

The people along the countryside were charged fees for fake appraisals. These appraisals were worth $250 million. 

Some of the users and the class members filed claims regarding it. Only those who have pointed it between Jan 1, 2003, and Dec 31, 2008, were eligible for the settlement terms and benefits.

Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam also shows that the defendants who claimed to meet the appraisals violated it and charged 300 to 500$.

Important points related to Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam:

Some of the critical points related to the settlement terms are mentioned below:

  • The class period started on Jan 1, 2003, on Dec 31, 2008.
  • The deadline for those who wanted to be excluded from the class was set to be June 2020.
  • Those who have objections regarding the settlement need to follow the deadline of Jun 15, 2020.
  • The date of the hearing was Jul 13, 2020.
  • Also, nobody needs to do anything to participate in the settlement.
  • If someone does not want to be a part of the class, it can exclude them.
  • If any of the members feel that the Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam is objectionable, he can object to the point.
  • The members can even appear for the court hearing.
  • In those cases where there are no details, the users will get $25.
  • Also, the class members are eligible for 22% of reimbursement.

Views of people regarding Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam:

The people of the United States need not to do anything to be a part of the settlement. They can easily claim the settlement checks, and if they do not want them, they can ask to be excluded from it.

The checks are mailed till Oct 10, 2020. Also, those interested can even attend the hearing that is to be held for the same.

The bottom line:

We see that most everyone who has filed claims has received the settlement money. Those who haven’t contact the person in charge. Also, users can change the addresses.

The people can mention their comments regarding our content on Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam.

8 thoughts on “Waldrup V Countrywide Settlement Checks Scam {Oct} Read

  1. I received two checks in the mail today. The checks are dated 10/21/2020 and I see the cut off date is 10/10/2020. Is this a fraudulent check.

  2. I received a check for the same situation of $97.51 , is this real or fake . I don’t want to get in trouble , for fake check.

  3. I received a check, however it is too late to deposit the check. I called Waldrup 877-835-0768 on three separate occasions without success. Lastly I spoke with supervisor Gregg, whom has informed me that the checks will not be resubmitted. When inquiring further as to what will happen with funds unclaimed, Gregg informed informed me that my funds along with anyone elses, whom hasn’t cashed their checks, will be donated to an organization. An organization that I know nothing about and without my consent . I made it very clear that countrywide had my current address and purposely sent the checks to the wrong address but my objections fell on deaf ears.

  4. Please reissue another check, it went to the wrong address and I haven’t been able to reach anyone on this!! Please resend check!

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