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walkfit review [June] |Walk to Stay Fit

walkfit review [June] |Walk to Stay Fit -> This article talks about the walkFit review that the app has been garnering.

Regular exercise isn’t just about losing weight today. It develops the idea of staying fit slowly and steadily by helping the body intake a good supply of oxygen. You will be able to see immediate results as the muscles get toned, the bones more robust, and you feel more energized than before. 

To remain on track and never miss out on a day of exercising, there are apps available. One such app comes from the infamous company Apple, called the WalkFit. What kind of walkfit review is the app garnering amongst the people of the United States, United Kingdom, etc. where it launched in 2019? 

Today we shall be dipping our toes into the app to provide you with clarity as most Walkfit App Reviews shine a negative light on the app. 

What is the WalkFit app? 

The WalkFit app is an Apple app that guarantees its users with weight loss in 4 weeks. You can select from the programs available and then follow that suits you best. The fitness plans are easy to follow and will help burn calories most efficiently. 

Further, Apple claims that the app will track all your activity, such as tracking steps, calories, active, and distance time. It doesn’t matter where your phone is; your steps will be precisely calculated. That is all that is needed to keep track of your fitness; you can find out more about the app- https://apps.apple.com/us/app/walkfit-walking-weight-loss/id1457956232. 

To get the full benefits of the app, you must get their membership. The premium-priced- $14.99, 1 year- $29.99 and 6 month- $42.99 as the regular app has limitations. 

The app has been receiving slack for the high subscription prices, as well as the app not being able to stand up to the claims it makes. 

Key points to note about the app

  • The app was released worldwide in March of 2019
  • It helps people choose from a weight loss program that is best for them 
  • The training plans range from beginner programs and daily walking ones to interval training programs 
  • The app will track all your activities such as steps, calories, etc
  • Your phone could be in your pocket, jacket or on the armband. It can manage to calculate precise steps 
  • It will keep you motivated by giving daily reminders 
  • The app is available for free, but it is advised to get a paid membership to avail the best benefits 

Effects of the app on the people in the USA

According to- https://www.statista.com/outlook/313/109/fitness/united-states#market-globalRevenue, the fitness market makes about $4,793 million and has 110.6 million users in the USA! 

It made Apple tap a market that has been witnessing a boom. Walking and exercising to stay fit is what can be called the ‘latest trend,’ and apps that count burned calories are heavily talked of.

The WalkFit has 4/5 stars on the App store and has duped people of their money. Some customers call it useful while numerous in their reviews talk about the app just crashing while working out, and it automatically resetting every workout. 

Functionalities of the app 

Let’s talk about the app managing to serve its purpose! WalkFit was designed to help users follow a workout/walking regime to lose weight in 4 weeks. The model seems based on already existing apps that perform better than it. 

You have to choose a fitness plan from the three available; it sends you notifications of when to slow down and when to increase the pace. Thereby helping you stay motivated. 

It counts calories burned, steps/flights take, distance covered. But for this, the phone must be on your person while exercising/walking. 

What do the people have to say about the app? 

The app has not been featured on any list of ‘best fitness apps,’ and the rating speaks for itself. There have been numerous complaints by users not being able to enter the app even after making payments.  

According to- https://apps.apple.com/us/app/walkfit-walking-weight-loss/id1457956232, users complain of the app resetting itself mid-workout and stopped recording the progress. It also shows a significant difference in steps from the watch. 


Walkfit App Reviews available on the app store seems most users are mentioning disappointment after purchasing the app. There are uncountable issues that come with it, from the app suggesting strenuous workouts to beginners to users not being able to access the app even after paying for a subscription. 

The app requires significant changes as it seems to crash even after the new updates. 

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