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We What Do Import From Russia has details of products imported by America and the west from Russia.

The Ukraine Russian war has entered its 14th day, and this crisis is impacting countries like the United States and United Kingdom. In the last thirty years, globalization has connected all the nations, and for producing a single product, collaborative efforts of WTO member countries are needed.

Canada and India are the other two countries in which people are facing inflationary pressure. According to experts, if the war continues, things may worsen for ordinary people. 

In this article, We What Do Import From Russia, we will try to find the product that may get costlier.

Russia Ukraine Crisis and Crude oil Price:

Russia is one of the top five crude oil producers and currently ranks third in oil production. The top two spots are taken by America and Saudi Arabia, producing twenty and eleven percent of the world’s oil.

Russia in third place produces 10.5 million barrels per day, which account for around eleven percent of world oil production. The current rise in oil price is because Russia exports most of its oil and consumes only about 3.5 million barrels/day.

The oil price has risen from $90 to $125.

We What Do Import From Russia: America

The oil prices have skyrocketed in the US and have surpassed $6 in some states like California. American and European sanction on Russian products is the main reason for the increase in gasoline price in these two regions.

America imports goods worth $21 billion from Russia, and crude oil has a significant share in this import. Crude oil worth $13 billion is imported from Russia, and gasoline and natural gas are produced.

Vodka, metals, and stones are other major imports by the US from Russia. The problem with the US is that it is also one of the major consumers of crude oil. We What Do Import From Russia found that it consumes twenty percent of total crude oil produced.

What European Countries import from Russia?

This Ukraine Russia conflict is an indirect war between America and its European allies on the one side while Russia on the other side. America and its western allies have imposed sanctions of different kinds on Russia, crippling the world economy.

Russia supplies crude oil and gas to most European countries, and these sanctions will create an artificial shortage. The UK imports products worth 10.3 billion pounds from Russia, and oil has a major share in it.

Crude oil and refined oil worth 4 billion pounds are imported from Russia. According to We What Do Import From Russia UK’s total imports from Russia consist of two percent of total national import.

Crude oil tends to impact the prices of another item as it is used to transport products. A 33 percent increase in crude oil has been seen in the last twenty days.

Final verdict:

World power should bring these two warring countries to the negotiation table, and no one should take sides. According to some experts, crude oil prices  may touch the $300 level if the situation remains the same.

People can share their views on war and its impact on the economy in the comment section of We What Do Import From Russia.

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