Police identify Sand Springs scholars killed, injured in crash


Three teens are dead after a rollover crash in Sand Springs on Thursday.

Around 12:225p.m., police got a call that a auto carrying five people rolled over near Demesne Road and Colony Circle. Investigators say the motorist veered off the road, hit a tree and rolled over.

First askers set up three teenage girls and two teenage boys in thecrash.Three of them failed officers say all three teens killed were in the backseat of the auto. Two other teens are rehabilitated and anticipated to survive.

Police have now Linked all 5 scholars in the auto. Sirrah Mathews and Logan Childers as the two scholars transferred to the sanitarium. They confirm Ethan Gibson, Cyra Saner, and Kylee Weaver are the three scholars who passed.

Police say the crash appeared to be during their noontime.

Beach Springs Public Schools released a statement following the crash