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What Can You Achieve With A Linguistics Degree?

What Can You Achieve With A Linguistics Degree? >> No future plans with a linguistics degree? There is nothing to worry now. This degree is considered as a versatile qualification which one can possess. You can also see many options available that one can adopt while having a linguistic degree. 

Following are some of the jobs a linguistic degree holder can go for!

Computational linguist in the field of tech industry:

The duty: the field combines with computing and rule-based modelling of natural language, and in this case only computational linguistics can help to get through this like translation of machine, artificial intelligence, natural language interfaces, processing of the document, grammar and checking of the style with computer-assisted language learning. 

Salary package: the salary can be on an average US$75,519 in the US and £54,521 (~US$68,150) in the UK.

Specifications: a person to go for this job needs to follow the undergraduate linguistic degree along with a master’s degree in computational linguistics or any field, a person must also have a knowledge of programming. A plus is to know any foreign language too. 

Professor in Linguistics:

Job details: To pursue an academic career and to use the skills and knowledge so that one can easily teach in the university. Thew subjects to taught can be psychology, philosophy, linguistics, speech and communication sciences or anthropology. This professional term paper writing service is also a place where good linguists work.

Salary: usually, the salary is as per your experience and the country who decide the pay scale. But a lecturer in the US with 6 months experience can expect his salary between US$38,000 and $52,772, and a professor with many years of experience can easily earn up to US$65,141 and $160,000 with bonuses included.

Specifications: to apply for this, one must have a master’s degree, PhD and also certificates of professional teaching. 


This job refers to writing, compiling and also editing dictionaries for the new learners in English, native speakers, professionals and also bilingual speakers. The duty is to record and monitor new words and to go through the accuracy of the text. 

Salary: UK salaries that a lexicographer can get ranges between £18,000 and £45,000 (~US$22,650-$56,600), while US salaries may vary somewhere between US$51,000 and $55,000.

Specifications: To get this job, one must possess a linguistic degree, modern or English languages, history and politics. For aspiring bilingual lexicographers, it is essential to have a postgraduate qualification in the relevant field. 

Teach a foreign language

Responsibility: As a teacher teaching foreign language, a person needs to prepare lesson plans, checking the work of the students, instructing people, liaising with the parents. A person for this post will be expected to impart with a relevant degree in a new language and also as a knowledge of the history, culture and language. 

Salary package: Usually the salary for such profession depends on the experience and location. In UK salaries are for a high school teach between £22,243 and £40,372 (~US$28,000-$50,800) depending on the city and expertise, while US salaries may differ between US$33,000 and $76,000 based on experience, skills a person possess and city.

Specifications: A person for this post must have a bachelor’s degree with a proof of classes and coursework in the specific language or the experience in the assignment writing services along with completion of a teacher-education program or a PGCE if in the UK.

So, to grow in this field, one must possess experience and the relevant skills to get the right job and it is essential to have a good command on grammar and English!

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