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What had Kathy said to Kyle? Has Kathy said something to Kyle? If not, you must read this article to get complete details. People in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom discuss Kathy’s contradiction with Kyle in the Season 12 trailer. It is about the two sisters who are acting in a reality show.

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Words of Kathy to Kyle

The words spoken by Kathy to Kyle in the reality series are as follows. It is a dramatic scene between two of us sisters. After this statement, they started crying. Kathy last started saying sorry but did not get into the matter between the two sisters. 

By sharing what he felt, she says that we think we hate ourselves or something, but how could we say these things to ourselves. Later she carries on saying in another scene. Regarding her looks, has she tried to showcase her looks in the episode?

What Did Kathy Hilton Say About Kyle? 

Kathy says to Kyle in the first trailer for season 12 of the first episode. She is one of my friends. So why is she doing this to me, be very careful because she is not who she is, as she was pissed off too? As it carries on, it emerges into a fight of two where she says; she has to be on the side of victims because she thinks that is cool. 

She carries on saying; what is she saying to you? She does not give anybody else to say anything about me because it is only for myself. So, now as you know, What Did Kathy Hilton Say About Kyle? Let’s proceed with the further statements. 

Lastly, in the end, she continues to say; as you start speaking about Erika’s behavior, we will also start talking about everyone in the group. Continuing, she says before saying, this you should be penalized in the public that, what is the reason Kyle called. 

Why did they skip Kathy’s birthday Dinner?

They skipped her birthday dinner due to following reasons:

  • As there were other things Kyle was filming, Kim committed to one of her daughters.
  • They got upset over what happened on the drama set.
  • Kim uses foul language because of moody moments.
  • Because of this, their relationship got bitter.

What Did Kathy Say About Kyle, and why is there confrontation? 

Kyle confronted Kathy in RHOBH Season 12 trailers because many housewives watching Beverly Season- 12 have stopped watching it. Women are struggling with their issues. Therefore, there is this confrontation among these stars in public.

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It is about their sayings of Kathy to her sister through anger, lovingness, and fights between them. It usually happens, then gets sorted, attracting much attention by creating controversy. 

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