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What Did Tex Say {Aug} Complete Useful Information!

What Did Tex Say {Aug} Complete Useful Information! >> This article contains information about recent racial comments made by an Australian professional footballer.  

Did you know that Tex made racial comments recently during a match? Do you want to know how it has affected him financially? What about the effects of such comments on his carrier? 

His football fans in Australia are anxious about the consequences of his comments. So, let us scrutinize What Did Tex Say

Who is Taylor Tex?

Taylor Walker is a professional Australian football player. Tex was born on 25th April 1990. He is famously known as Tex Walker. He was the captain of the Adelaide football team from 2015 till 2019. He became a leading goal kicker with 441 goals to his credit in September 2020. He started his career in 2008 and continually made improvements in his game to become a captain.  

What did Tex comment:

On 17th July 2021, a match was held between the North Adelaide team and Crows reserves at the South Australian National Football League game. Let’s check What Did Tex Say that led to criticism. Tex was not playing the game. But, he was on the field to encourage his team. During a huddle, Tex made objectionable racial remarks against Robbie Young in front of one of Crows teammates. 

Crows officials overheard Tex’s remarks. The officials reported it to club management. They further courageously reported it to AFL Integrity Unit. Crows CEO Tim Silvers said that experiences and professional play would reflect the culture and environment that we are trying to create. Caroline Wilson, a senior football journalist, said that such comments might end Tex’s career.

Effects of What Did Tex Say:

Tex is suspended for the next six weeks from playing football. As a result, Tex will not be able to play the final three games of this season. Also, he will not be able to play the first three games of next year. 

A twenty thousand Australian dollars fine was imposed on him. This amount will be utilized for donation to an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program. As another fact of Tex’s ruling, the Crows forward team also needs to participate in an educational program for the Indigenous community.

Caroline Wilson said that What Did Tex Say will lead him to a difficult environment to deal with, and Wilson doesn’t see much future for Tex.

Adelaide official, AFL, Robbie Young, and Tex Walker met on Thursday there. Tex submitted his apologies. Tex appreciated officials for demonstrating good leadership by reporting the matter. On Friday, Tex took full accountability for his remarks and said no excuse for such comments could be accepted. Tex said that he would actively address racism and educate himself to make a positive difference for the future. 


It was not very pleasant for Tex’s fans to know What Did Tex Say. Such racial comments have affected him financially and career-wise. So it is good to know that Tex and Young had met on Thursday and Tex admitted his apologies. With Tex’s recent statement, we understand that he deeply regrets what he had said. 

To know more about Tex, click here.

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